• Air date: 29 Jun '11 15 episodes
      Lee Gyu Won is the daughter of one of the top three maestros of pansori and is also a gayageum protégé herself. Following her grandfather’s wishes for her to study the gayageum, she enrolls as a major of gugak, or traditional Korean music. Lee Shin is unfriendly, yet a clever student in the Applied Music Department who also is the famed vocalist and talented guitarist of the handsome band named The Stupid. With charming looks equal to those of a handsome character in a romance comic and a cold, taciturn personality, he thinks gugak is boring and belittles it. As the vocalist Lee Shin and Gayageum Protégé Lee Gyu Won passionately confront each other to champion their respective music, they soon fall in love.
  • List of Episodes (15)
    • 1. Encountering You By Accident

      29 Jun '11
      Serendipitously, the diverse lives of two Korean university music students converge, one a traditional gayageum player and the other the handsome but socially cold lead singer of a popular rock band called The Stupid.
    • 2. That is My World

      30 Jun '11
      It's Wind Flowers versus The Stupid as Gyu-won and Shin make a bet over which has soul, traditional music or western music.
    • 3. Champion

      06 Jul '11
      As director of the 100th anniversary show, Suk-hyun disturbs the professors by changing laid plans in order to present what seems a very personal story.
    • 4. Towards Tomorrow

      07 Jul '11
      With acting rehearsals underway, several girls aim to put Gyu-won in her place, whereby Gyu-won decides to quit the show.
    • 5. Confession

      13 Jul '11
      A surprise kiss leaves Gyu-won, Suk-hyun and Yoon-soo stunned, and Shin ends Gyu-won's servitude.
    • 6. With The Thought That It Must Be Forgotten

      14 Jul '11
      Still reeling from a broken heart, personal tragedy touches Shin's life as well.
    • 7. Like This... Will Be Forgotten

      20 Jul '11
      With the retrieval of Shin's discarded pendent, Gyu-won's slavery ends, but circumstances, once again, throw them together.
    • 8. My Love, Cry Baby

      28 Jul '11
      Despite Gyu-won's superior audition, Hee-joo wins the coveted role of leading actress, but the hollowness of the victory creates bitter enemies.
    • 9. High Speed Romance

      28 Jul '11
      While Suk-hyun takes the kids on a team-building excursion, Tae-joon and his aids dig for dirt against him.
    • 10. Little by Little, Slowly Stepping Towards You

      03 Aug '11
      When Shin and Gyu-won officially become a couple (holding hands in public), the campus erupts.
    • 11. That Place, That Time

      04 Aug '11
      Tae-joon spreads a baseless rumor about Suk-hyun before conspiring with Hee-joo's mother to set up Suk-hyun and Gyu-won for scandal.
    • 12. Don't Cry

      10 Aug '11
      While the director's resignation forces students to reconsider the scandalous rumor, Joon-hee finds it increasingly difficult to live with his lie.
    • 13. Fly High

      11 Aug '11
      With only one week to go, cancellation of the school's anniversary performance leaves everyone wondering what to do next.
    • 14. Smile, You

      17 Aug '11
      The school performance brings about a professional offer that puts Gyu-won in conflict with her grandfather.
    • 15. Let Your Dreams Soar

      18 Aug '11
      A withheld truth about the severity of an injury keeps Lee Shin and Lee Gye-won apart, even a year later.