• Air date: 18 May '23 6 episodes
      With Earth colonized by a superior alien civilization, Akira's only chance at a better future is to enlist as an expendable Yakitori foot soldier.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 2. Counterattack

      18 May '23
      Ten months ago, Tyrone Baxter, Erland Martonen, Amalia Schulz, Zihan Yang and Akira Ihotsu meet for the first time on Earth before launching to Mars.
    • 3. Harassment

      18 May '23
      The K321 unit heads into enemy territory to carry out their "harassment" mission while 10 months ago, back in the Kitchen, their training begins.
    • 4. Atrocity

      18 May '23
      Back in the Kitchen, the K321 learn that their teamwork is lacking, and they find out that they're being trained differently from everyone else.
    • 5. The Rear Guard

      18 May '23
      After their brutal counter-attack against the enemy, the K321 unit are left to put together their own escape plan. Akira has a risky idea.
    • 6. Yakitori

      18 May '23
      After risking their lives for Shoren, the K321 unit are scapegoated and arrested. During their trial, Vasa Pupkin testifies as a witness.