• Air date: 01 Feb '22 8 episodes
      When his teenage granddaughter falls victim to the drug dealers overtaking his neighborhood, a fed-up war veteran takes matters into his own hands.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. An old-school scumbag

      01 Feb '22
      An angry war veteran who hates the drug dealers infiltrating his neighborhood sets out to reform his teen granddaughter, who's being led astray by them.
    • 2. Broken radios

      08 Feb '22
      When Irene comes home beaten, Tirso sets out to get justice. Nelson finds a way to stay near Irene. Tirso's disposal of the heroin brings consequences.
    • 3. Biting

      15 Feb '22
      Ezequiel is seen holding Nelson at gunpoint. Tirso discovers his granddaughter wasn't just beaten. Pressured by his wife, Santi faces his father.
    • 4. What is hidden under the carpet

      22 Feb '22
      Sandro cuts ties with Ezequiel, who tries to convince Tirso to join forces with him to take down the drug boss. A psychologist arrives to treat Irene.
    • 5. An old dog can't learn to dance

      01 Mar '22
      Tirso suspects Sandro stores his drug supply at a night club, and enlists Gladys to gain entry. Irene turns to unhealthy ways of coping with her trauma.
    • 6. He who steals from a thief...

      08 Mar '22
      Tirso tests Nelson's capacity for hard work and forces Gladys to face Alicia, whose home she's squatting in. Nata gets a job at La Rosa and makes a find.
    • 7. The Robin Hood

      15 Mar '22
      A journalist sets out to unmask the Entrevías Robin Hoods. Alicia gives advice on men to Gladys, who follows it. Ezequiel puts Nata on a risky mission.
    • 8. The last train

      22 Mar '22
      Nata sets out to get revenge against Sandro. Tirso learns of Irene's drug use. Sandro's henchman Yeyo follows a hunch to prove who the Robin Hoods are.