• Air date: 29 May '12 6 episodes
      Based on comedy series Workaholics, this series puts the spotlight on the recurring cast from the original show. Keep up with Montez, Jet Set and Waymond in The Other Cubicle.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Cinco de Mayo

      29 May '12
      Montez and Jet Set fight over the last remaining Choco Taco at their Cinco de Mayo lunch.
    • 2. Nap Time

      07 Jun '12
      Montez, Jet Set and Waymond show Jillian how hard their job really is.
    • 3. Over the Top

      09 Jul '12
      Montez, Jet Set and Waymond compete in order find out who is the strongest man in the office.
    • 4. I Love You

      31 Jul '12
      Jet Set will do anything to hear Montez say those three little words.
    • 5. Bill for a Day

      27 Aug '12
      Montez and Jet Set try to adapt when Bill replaces Waymond for a day.
    • 6. The Dunk

      11 Oct '12
      Montez tries to prove to Jet Set and Waymond that he can still dunk a basketball.