• Air date: 07 Apr '24 8 episodes
      School teacher Elizabeth Thornton embarks on a fresh start — with new romance, new challenges and new style. She and Mountie Nathan Grant navigate their growing romantic feelings while also leaning on each other for support as they face new parenting obstacles. Newly elected governor Lucas Bouchard must confront his past in order to embrace his strengths and lead Hope Valley into the future, while retired mountie Bill Avery and newspaper reporter Rosemary Coulter team up to unravel a mystery
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. When Stars Align

      07 Apr '24
      Elizabeth turns over a new leaf. Nathan returns home from an investigation, and Bill questions its outcome. Rosemary chases a scoop. Lucas make a surprise announcement.
    • 2. Tomorrow Never Knows

      14 Apr '24
      Elizabeth and Allie plan a birthday party for Nathan. Lee and Rosemary weigh business responsibilities against family time. Lucas settles into his role as governor.
    • 3. Steps Forward

      21 Apr '24
      Rosemary and Bill team up to investigate a case they believe shouldn't be closed. The women of Hope Valley start a day care. Hickam and Mei celebrate a milestone.
    • 4. Along Came a Spider

      28 Apr '24
      It's Easter in Hope Valley. Elizabeth organizes an egg hunt with help from Nathan. A visitor from Lucas's past gets the town talking. Angela and Cooper seek to mend a relationship.
    • 5. Stronger Together

      05 May '24
      Hickam and Lee clash with the mayor of Benson Hills, and Gowen suggests a solution with huge implications for the town. Elizabeth and Nathan clear up a misunderstanding.
    • 6. Believe

      12 May '24
      Elizabeth confronts an imposing figure from her past with Nathan's support. Rosemary helps Lee navigate a new leadership role. Lucas struggles to find bidders for his resort project.
    • 7. Facing the Music

      19 May '24
      Elizabeth hopes for the best when Tom Thornton visits with an exciting opportunity for the town's choir. Rosemary and Bill interview a source. Lucas considers his options.
    • 8. Brother's Keeper

      26 May '24
      Elizabeth and Nathan help Tom out of a tight situation, and the town comes together after a setback. With encouragement from family, Joseph heals and old rift. Gowen councils Lucas.
    • 9. Truth Be Told

      02 Jun '24
      Rosemary's newspaper article creates waves when she questions Lucas's judgement. Allie discusses her birth father with Nathan, and Elizabeth realizes Little Jack is growing up.