• Air date: 12 Sep '23 14 episodes
      Documentary series tracking the dreams and worries of Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales, UK, as two Hollywood stars (Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds) take ownership of the town’s historic yet struggling football club.
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    • 1. Welcome Back to Wrexham

      12 Sep '23
      A new football season begins as the town, the team and owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney prepare to welcome King Charles III.
    • 2. The Quiet Zone

      19 Sep '23
      Wrexham striker Paul Mullin tackles challenges on and off the pitch as we meet Wrexham superfan Millie Tipping.
    • 3. Nott Yet

      19 Sep '23
      Wrexham are playing well but their hopes for promotion are under threat thanks to the amazing play of a surging rival - Notts County.
    • 4. Shaun's Vacation

      26 Sep '23
      Some self-inflicted chaos unfolds in Wrexham thanks to Co-Chairmen Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, much to the frustration of Executive Director Humphrey Ker.
    • 5. First Losers

      26 Sep '23
      After a second place finish last season and with Notts County challenging for first place, Wrexham AFC focuses on building a winning mentality.
    • 6. Ballers

      03 Oct '23
      The most dominant football team in Wales takes the pitch as they race toward promotion while juggling their day jobs.
    • 7. Giant Killers

      10 Oct '23
      The FA Cup provides Wrexham a chance to live up to its storied past and to take on teams playing many leagues above them.
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