Wasteland : Season 1

    • Air date: 07 Oct '99 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Pilot

    • We get a story of six friends who are struggling to live in New York. We meet Dawnie whose birthday it is. She's a 26 year old virgin and still struggle to find love; her college flame Ty comes back into her life when Sam runs in to him. Sam who is a D.A. Assistant tries to make it through another day when her boss Vince teases her about her ascent. Sam is good friends with Vandy, her former beau, bar owner, and a struggling song writer. Jesse is on the conquest to find her perfect man but

    2. Empty Pockets

    • What's in your pocket? Dawnie is still working on her thesis. She claims things in your pocket is a window to someone's soul. Jesse finds a guy who dates Jewish women only but Jesse's not Jewish. She lies to him just to go out with him. He then dumps her because he thinks she doesn't want a relationship. Ty gets fired from his job, and Russell makes him move in with him and Dawnie. Dawnie and Ty have little chat and she ""accepts"" him as her friend again.

    3. Indian Summer

    • After being fired from his job, Jesse hires Ty as her assistant. She then treats him really bad, and he quits. Sam tries to help a troubled teen.

    4. My Ex-friends Wedding

    5. My Ex-Friend's Wedding

    • Ty stays with Vandy after Dawnie tells her 2 friends (who are getting married) that they could stay with her. The only catch is that the groom, Matt was Jesse's old flame. They arrive and they throw a party for them. Jesse then admits to herself that she still have feeling for Matt. Gwen, the bride, tries on her dress and Jess gets jealous. While alterations her dress, Jesse tells Russell that she still loves Matt. Gwen then shows up and she wishes the best for them, But Jesse confronts her

    6. Best Laid Plans

    • Dawnie tells Jesse that she is going to have a one night stand to lose her virginity. Ty moves in with Vandy, and Vandy hires Ty as a bartender; Dawnie's mother Barbara returns and slaps Ty on the face. Ty leaves and Dawnie reveals to her mother, Barbara, that she is still a virgin. One of Russell's co-worker, Steve hits on him and asks him for dinner which result into a one night stand; Sam helps Vince on a difficult case. Vince is jealous after his rival in court is charmed with Sam. Dawnie

    7. Thanks for Nothin'

    • At Thanksgiving Russell tells Jesse and Dawnie that he will come out to his parents. Jesse, who tells everyone that she doesn't want to smoke anymore, visits Sam at work and invites Vince for Thanksgiving dinner. Russell's mother shows up and tells him that she and his father are getting a divorce. Russell then tries to come out to his father but fails. It's time for dinner and Ty, Vandy, and Jules arrives. Sam and Vince arrive and Vandy answers the door making him a bit crushed. But Vince

    8. Truth or Consequences

    • After the kiss, Dawnie confronts Ty that he is avoiding her because they had kissed. Jesse, and Russell are having coffee, and Jesse spots Coffee Boy. Jesse doesn't want to talk to him because he had asked her to read his transcript of his book which she found that it sucked. In a moment of weakness, Vince kisses Sam in work and leaves. Cliff wants to interview Russell for a story. Russell agrees and Cliff asks if he was gay. He says now and Dawnie walks in their apartment. He then lies and

    9. The Object of My Affection

    • Olivia visit Vince over their suit on divorce; Russell wants to do something different with Cliff so they decide to cook together. Ty asks Dawnie for this poetry book that they shared. Dawnie then remembers that she gave it away to Jesse. Sam and Vince decide to take things slow but end up in bed with each other. Vince gets a page from Olivia and tells her that he will talk to her later. He then hangs up and Olivia *69 his ass and Sam answers. Olivia gets angry when she found out that the

    10. Great Expectations (a.k.a. Millennium)

    • Dawnie decides to lose her virginity saying it's her New Years Resolution (which is in two days.) Sam tells Vince that they can be a normal couple in Russell's soap bash party. Russell is devastated when Cliff tells him that they can't spend the New Year together because a trip in L.A. Jesse tells Coffee Boy that she wants to spend a night in for just the two of them as the year comes to an end but Coffee Boy says that his resolution was to finish his book and couldn't spend time with her,

    11. The Morning After

    • The Morning After, Russell who is super delighted barge into Dawnie's room. He wants to talk about last night, only to find out that she is not alone. Vandy then pops up and Russell is puzzled. Russell then calls Jesse, who is devastated to find that she is alone. But Coffee Boy pops up and she hangs up on Russell. Russell being super hyped rushes to Jesse's apartment and tells her. She is shocked and Russell tells her not to tell anyone but she tells Coffee Boy after Russell left. As a

    12. Defining Moments

    • Vandy and Dawnie feel awkward around each other; back at work everyone knows that Sam and Vince are a couple which jeopardize Vince's job. Rumors speculate and Vince gets a call from the ""big cheese"" and tells him to stay away from Sam. Vince then tells Sam that he wants to keep their personal and professional life separate which upsets Sam a bit. Dawnie gets a new teacher and challenges her on her thesis. She then proceeds to write a whole new report; Jesse feels weird around Coffee Boy

    13. Death Becomes Us

    • Jesse meets Angelina (Played by the talented Lori Heuring!), Coffee Boy's Ex. She feels threatened after they start to get close. The big cheese gives Vince lower cases which upsets him. Dawnie and Vandy try to talk to everyone but they are still suffering from new problems and no one wants to talk to them. Gothic Bill, Vandy's roommate dies after Vandy returned home. Ty returns to Vandy's place and starts to forgive him a bit. Ty then stumbles on Gothic Bill's will. Dawnie's teacher then