• Air date: 15 Nov '22 8 episodes
      Trading the desert for the steamy tropics of Far North Queensland, Lucky and Meg hit the road – and the river – on a mission to find Meg’s mum.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Reunion

      15 Nov '22
      Years after his adventure with Meg, Lucky struggles to adjust to his new life as a successful musician and it's not long before Meg comes bursting back into his chaotic world.
    • 2. Tomatoes

      15 Nov '22
      Beginning their search in Queensland for Meg's mum, Lucky struggles to manage his relationship back home as Meg is startled by someone who followed her from Karingunna.
    • 3. Bananas

      22 Nov '22
      As Meg continues the search for her mum in Cairns, Lucky tries to lay low to avoid his dubious past.
    • 4. Reparations

      22 Nov '22
      Lucky and Meg head out of Cairns, but Lucky's best forgotten past catches up with him.
    • 5. Fold

      29 Nov '22
      Wounded in the rainforest, Lucky is desperate to return to civilisation, but Meg wants to push on as they get close to finding her mother.
    • 6. Eskimo Jonestown

      29 Nov '22
      Meg and Lucky finally make it to the Wellfulness Commune, but don't get the reception they were expecting.
    • 7. Harmless Untruths

      06 Dec '22
      Trapped at the Wellfulness Commune, Lucky starts to unravel its secrets as Meg finally gets the chance to speak to her mother.
    • 8. Enough's Enough

      06 Dec '22
      After escaping the commune, Lucky and Meg race back to Sydney hoping to make it in time to meet Billie at the airport.