• Air date: 25 Feb '23 3 episodes
      Unsorted: With Mugdha Agarwal, Rishabh Dhingra, Tanya Singh Bhatnagar, Vikram Bhui. Unsorted takes you to that crucial phase of life where one has to pick ...
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    • Unsorted a mini web series featuring Mugdha Agarwal, Tanya Singh, Vikram bhui..Tara, an ambitious entrepreneur, is working towards establishing her new apparel venture in Delhi. Meanwhile, she is also keen on tying a knot with her long-time partner, Naman. Naman, a middle-class naive guy, feels stuck in his monotonous low-income job. He is clear in his head that their wedding plans can only workout if he gets a better job. Tara seems understanding and supportive of Naman until he gets an
    • Unsorted a mini web series by Natak Pictures Featuring Mugdha Agarwal, Tanya Singh, Vikram Bhui.Naman is pissed with himself for messing up things with Tara. As the fights grow, Naman also finds himself getting attracted to his colleague Seher. His best friend, Sunny who has been noticing it all for quite a while, tries talking some sense into him. Meanwhile Tara, in her last attempt to salvage her relationship with Naman, decides to shift with him to Bangalore after a thoughtful discussion with
    • 3. Purana Love

      05 Mar '23
      It's Mahima's wedding. Tara is still upset about Naman. Just when Mahima tries to cheer her up, Seher (who is also Mahima's friend) pays them an unexpected visit. Tara is shattered when Seher informs that she too has been offered a job in Bangalore and will be moving soon. Tara assumes this as the reason why Naman decided to end things with her and move to Bangalore. Seher who is unaware of the whole situation, senses something fishy. On the other hand, Naman reaches the wedding venue to bid