• Season 3 streaming now!
      Air date: 09 May '24 8 episodes
      Show depicts the two aspects of the society - the power-drunk influential people who think they can get away with anything and the oppressed, subjected to years of torture, who finally decide to bring themselves to justice
      Undekhi season 3 has 8 episodes. It is a crime, drama web-series starring Surya Sharma, Ankur Rathee, Ayn Zoya and Apeksha Porwal. It is created by Ashish R. Shukla. Season 3 for Undekhi aired on 09 May '24 and available to watch online on streaming platform SonyLiv.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • Papaji is recovering from his injuries and has given up alcohol while Rinku is trying to revive the business. However, Teji has plans of her own which lead to tension and a power struggle in the family. Meanwhile, Ghosh is ridden with guilt after Koyal’s death and has become a recluse, as a mysterious new entity emerges with a vendetta and a sinister plan to bring down the Atwals.
    • 2. Catch Me If You Can

      09 May '24
      Ghosh arrives in Manali and assumes leadership of a team which has been put together to arrest Papaji for Kanak’s murder. Daman hires a lawyer to defend Papaji while Rinku scrambles to put together a plan to thwart Ghosh and a game of cat and mouse ensues. Meanwhile, Teji makes a shocking discovery about someone from her past.
    • 3. Bite The Bullet

      09 May '24
      Ghosh manages to outwit the Atwals and finally arrests Papaji while Rinku confronts the new player in town, Rajveer Malhotra, who offers him a partnership. Samarth is on the run and asks for Ghosh’s help in exchange for information. However, Rinku is hot on his trail.
    • 4. Game, Set, But Match?

      09 May '24
      As Papaji’s trial date gets closer, Ghosh scrambles to gather new evidence while Rinku goes on a rampage, determined to destroy his enemies. However, Ghosh discovers a chink in Rinku’s armour and makes a startling discovery that threatens to blow the case wide open.
    • 5. Trail By Fire

      09 May '24
      The trial is underway and the Atwals are under fire from Ghosh and the prosecution. Papaji’s freedom is at stake, and just when everything seems hopeless, Rinku pulls a rabbit out of the hat and all hell breaks loose.
    • 6. It´s Not Over Till It´s Over

      09 May '24
      Ghosh suffers a huge loss and is broken after another setback in his war against the Atwals. But he sees a ray of hope when he discovers a hidden link between the Atwals and Rajveer Malhotra. Meanwhile, Rinku celebrates with the family, unaware that a storm is coming.
    • 7. The Darkest Hour

      09 May '24
      Teji’s lying and scheming catches up to her as she desperately tries to keep her world from unravelling. Meanwhile, Rinku and Daman discover the betrayal of a trusted ally and are hell bent on revenge, while Papaji is plagued by the ghosts of his past.
    • 8. Karma Is A Bitch

      09 May '24
      Rinku’s world is shattered and he goes on a rampage, determined to make his enemy pay. But, in the process, he makes a shocking discovery that turns his life upside down.