• Air date: 29 Jul '22 8 episodes
      Stunned when his longtime boyfriend moves out, a New York City real estate broker faces the prospect of starting over — and dating again — in his 40s.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Chapter 1

      29 Jul '22
      Michael plans an elaborate surprise party for Colin's milestone birthday, but the night takes a devastating turn after a shocking revelation.
    • 2. Chapter 2

      29 Jul '22
      Reeling from the news of Colin's whereabouts, Michael tries to keep it together during a charity dinner attended by his rival and a sought-after client.
    • 3. Chapter 3

      29 Jul '22
      While dealing with his demanding new client, Michael receives a crash course in how to use a hookup app — and the importance of an intimate selfie.
    • 4. Chapter 4

      29 Jul '22
      While feeling betrayed by a friend, Michael lunches with his mother, learns about Colin's new addition and confronts some hard truths about himself.
    • 5. Chapter 5

      29 Jul '22
      Michael discovers how much dating has changed in the years since he was last single and attends a seminar with Suzanne to change his outlook on life.
    • 6. Chapter 6

      29 Jul '22
      At a roller disco event, Michael bumps into a guy with boyfriend potential. Claire zeroes in on an apartment, and Stanley goes on a date.
    • 7. Chapter 7

      29 Jul '22
      During a ski weekend with Stanley and Billy, Michael starts to spiral when he receives an update on Colin. Claire joins Suzanne for a night on the town.
    • 8. Chapter 8

      29 Jul '22
      Michael prepares to face Colin at the wedding of the Jonathans, where sobering news, blunt toasts and deep reflections make it a night to remember.