• Air date: 08 Apr '20 6 episodes
      How do you find the strength to go on after witnessing a loved one's tragic murder? Unbreakable: Live to Tell follows extraordinary survivors from every heart-skipping beat of the attack to the odds-defying recovery that led to their new "normal."
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. He Comes Back

      08 Apr '20
      After her daughter's relationship with single father Scott Gellately goes sour, Merry Jackson vows to help Lori break free from his abuse; Scott refuses to back down, putting both Merry and Lori's lives on the line.
    • 2. Dad's Garage

      15 Apr '20
      When a well-known mechanic is diagnosed with diabetes, his son wonders how they will be able to make ends meet; soon, secret meetings held out in the family's garage lead to a surprise visit from someone with a fatal score to settle.
    • 3. Mother's Day

      22 Apr '20
      After moving to North Carolina, Grace Minor gets a big promotion. However, her husband struggles to regain his position of power, forcing Grace to risk everything to keep her sons out of the crossfire.
    • 4. Snow Day

      29 Apr '20
      Gina Edwards is happy about living near her cousin, but her aunt's live-in boyfriend starts showing a darker side; as the three women team up to take a stand against Stephen, a seemingly normal night ends in tragedy.
    • 5. My Scar

      06 May '20
      Young mother Gabby McKenzie feels like she's finally back on her feet after a bad breakup with her son's father; however, when a new man begins spending time at her father's place, it's not long before her family home becomes a violent war zone.
    • 6. Survivalist

      13 May '20
      After Heather Reid's half-sister, Mary Ann, moves in with her and her parents, the once-orderly household is soon rife with tension; when it becomes apparent that someone in the family must go, things quickly escalate to murder.