• Air date: 13 Aug '21 5 episodes
      No one ever forgets the feeling of first love and an everlasting heartache. Love often changes lives but can love change its own destiny?
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    • 1. Attraction

      13 Aug '21
      Hardik who comes to Junagadh from Porbandar to study science is told by Bhimani Sir to change his regular bench in tuition class. Little did he know that it was going to change his destiny.
    • 2. Integration

      13 Aug '21
      When Bhimani Sir announced that the surprise test topper will get a Parker pen, top contenders Hardik and Jalpan engage in a mental war ..Hardik wants to win because he wants to impress Swati ..But the bigger question is, who will win???
    • 3. Expansion

      13 Aug '21
      When love took over and Swati accepted Hardik as her beloved, the 'Swa-Ha' couple went to every place in Junagadh and filled those places and their hearts with a lifetime of memories. But, the bitter truth of life takes over!!!.
    • 4. Differentiation

      13 Aug '21
      Hardik's obsession over Swati has now started affecting his career. He is asked to drop a year in school to bring his life back on track but he refuses to do so and goes back to his hometown. Loses touch with Swati forever.
    • 5. Probability

      20 Aug '21
      Hardik is now Hardik sir and is telling his love story to his own Tuition class students . Does love ever end? Or does it just change forms? Do memories become forever carriers of love?