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      Air date: 17 Jul '18 1 episodes
      What would happen if your parents accidentally saw your internet search history? What would happen if your parents saw chat history on your phone? Everything is about to get Awkward! Get ready to face the Awkward Conversation with Parents,
      TSP's Awkward Conversations season 1 has 1 episodes. It is a comedy, drama web-series starring Ritvik Sahore, Loveleen Misra and Shubhrajyoti Barat. It is created by Palash Vaswani. Season 1 for TSP's Awkward Conversations aired on 17 Jul '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
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    • 1. Condom

      17 Jul '18
      Since school times, all of us youngsters have been advised to stay safe, be responsible and to use protection from our elders and teachers. However, what happens when the same parents that have seen you grow from a toddler to a teenager discover your sex life? Our friend Ishaan is in a similar situation when his parents find out that their only son carries a pack of rubber on him when he’s leaving home. What happens then?.Watch E01 - and enjoy the Awkward Conversation between Ishaan and his pare
    • All of us laundas have at some point waited for our parents to go on vacation so that we’d be able to call our Girlfriends home. .After his parents discovering his condom in the last episode, things have finally settled down and Ishaan’s parents are now leaving home for dinner. Ishaan spots this as an opportunity to call his girlfriend Tanvi home. However, due to an emergency, Ishaan’s parents return soon than expected and catch this young couple home alone.
    • Every boy has faced this. Every boy hates this. Waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep with a puddle in your PJs is a nightmare that no adolescent male wants to relive. Hiding from parents, checking the bed for stains and sneaking off to the bathroom are just some of the embarrassing things that one has to do..What does Ishaan do when his parents find out about his wet dreams and nightfall? Watch Episode 3 of Awkward Conversations to know!
    • A true friendship is when your parents doubt your sexuality. You eat together, go out to play together, have the same interests and have a lot of sleepovers together..Ishaan’s parents have previously caught him with condoms in his wallet and with a girl at home. But suspicion has now arisen that Ishaan might be homosexual.
    • If there’s one thing that all couples avoid, it’s an unwanted pregnancy. As surprising as it sounds, it happens to young unmarried couples as well as older, married couples. A lack of planning, not using contraception and mistakes while using protection are some of the reasons why many couples end up with a bundle of joy that wasn’t expected..In this Finale of Awkward Conversations, Ishaan has found out about an unexpected, unwanted pregnancy. Watch Episode 5 of Awkward Conversations with Parent