• Air date: 24 Nov '21 7 episodes
      A world-famous comedian desperately searches for a way out after a night in Philadelphia with his brother threatens to sabotage more than his success.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. Chapter 1: The King of Comedy

      24 Nov '21
      High off success, The Kid launches a comedy tour in his hometown, but a reunion with his brother and an afterparty lead to a more sobering reality.
    • 2. Chapter 2: Greek Takeout

      24 Nov '21
      During a full day of obligations and outbursts, Kid leaves Carlton with a daunting task. After an ill-timed photo shoot, the brothers find a solution.
    • 3. Chapter 3: Victory Lap

      24 Nov '21
      Carlton leverages a video to stave off Ari's brothers, who want money and answers. Kid spreads his generosity, but a misdeed comes back to haunt him.
    • 4. Chapter 4: We Should Be Together Too

      24 Nov '21
      Brothers come to blows when Kid confronts Carlton. Kid deals with the fallout from his public meltdown and welcomes a new friend into his circle.
    • 5. Chapter 5: Hard Feelings

      24 Nov '21
      An intense charity gala performance puts Kid at odds with a longtime admirer. Nikos and Savvas snoop at the Four Seasons. Carlton seizes an opportunity.
    • 6. Chapter 6: The Things You Do for Family

      24 Nov '21
      With Carlton bent on protecting Kid, Gene becomes an unfortunate pawn. After an emotional exchange at the restaurant, Kid makes an unsettling discovery.
    • 7. Chapter 7: ...Like Cain Did Abel

      24 Nov '21
      Seeking retribution, Kid reaches a breaking point and takes matters into his own hands. Days later, Kid shares his story and vows to be a better man.