• Air date: 07 Jan '23 12 episodes
      Vash the Stampede’s a joyful gunslinging pacifist, so why does he have a $$6 million bounty on his head? That’s what’s puzzling rookie reporter Meryl Stryfe and her jaded veteran partner when looking into the vigilante only to find someone who hates blood. But their investigation turns out to uncover something heinous—his evil twin brother, Millions Knives.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. NOMAN'S LAND

      07 Jan '23
      Veteran reporter Roberto and rookie Meryl find themselves helping Vash the Stampede, an infamous thief with a bounty of six million double-dollars on his head.
    • 2. The Running Man

      14 Jan '23
      Vash is in danger again now that ordinary townsfolk who have heard about the bounty are after him. As Vash tries to leave town, he runs into a family of heinous criminals who have broken out of prison and are now in a race to claim the bounty on his head.
    • 3. Bright Light, Shine Through the Darkness

      21 Jan '23
      Vash, the town of Jeneora Rock, and the Nebraskas reach a three-way truce, but their brief moment of peace is shattered by yet another assailant. He seems to be after the plant as well, but something more sinister seems to be at play.
    • 4. HUNGRY!

      28 Jan '23
      Vash meets Nicholas, a suspicious undertaker who carries a huge cross. Before they could get to know each other, though, they are attacked by a huge worm, swallowing them and the building they were in.
    • 5. Child of Blessing

      04 Feb '23
      Vash is drawn towards a seemingly abandoned village with a giant windmill, for reasons that only he knows. There, the group is attacked by a tremendous gale of gunfire.
    • 6. Once Upon a Time in Hopeland

      11 Feb '23
      Vash and Wolfwood board the massive Sandsteamer vessel to travel to their final destination, JuLai. Yet again, they are ambushed by a hail of gunfire, but this time, it's someone Wolfwood knows.
    • 7. WOLFWOOD

      18 Feb '23
      Vash and Wolfwood work together to stop Livio, an assassin who has lost his sense of self. The chaos is further accelerated by an attack by the Bad Lads Gang. While this is happening, someone sabotages the Sandsteamer, sending it on a crash course with Hopeland, Wolfwood's home town.
    • 8. Our Home

      25 Feb '23
      After crashing on Noman's Land long ago, Vash wanders the desert until he's taken in by the Mothership 3's survey team. Vash is isolated from everyone else until earning their acceptance, but they discover his secret: he isn't the only Independent Plant.
    • 9. Millions Knives

      04 Mar '23
      Conrad visits a Plant facility with Knives, who declares that he will kill all humans in order to protect the Plants that don't have free will. Knives orders Vash to kill Luida but Vash refuses, and his Plant power activates to protect her.
    • 10. Humanity

      11 Mar '23
      Meryl and Roberto are brought to Jurai, where Zazie asks them whether humans or Plants should survive. Conrad reveals that he is trying to create humans with Plant abilities, but to complete his research he needs to use a living Independent Plant.
    • 11. To a New World

      18 Mar '23
      Meryl runs into Nicholas and scolds him for leaving Vash. Vash is trapped in a device that uses him to access a dimension where the original Plant is thought to exist. Knives alters Vash's memories until only his first memory with Rem remains.
    • 12. Episode 12

      25 Mar '23