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      Air date: 19 Aug '18 4 episodes
      Trapped with Dadaji season 1 has 4 episodes. It is a drama, comedy web-series starring Amit Divetia, Badri Chavan, Tania Dutta and Pradyot Mokashi. It is created by Anant Singh. Season 1 for Trapped with Dadaji aired on 19 Aug '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
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    • 1. Episode 1

      19 Aug '18
      Have you ever started talking to someone who doesn’t stop talking? Well, this is exactly what happens to Kunal in this video. He is excited about his weekend plans with his friends. But for reasons unknown, on Neha's request, he decides to help Neha who is supposedly taking care of her grandpa. Kunal is supposed to take care of Dadaji for a little while? But what is the length of this little? Watch this video and see Kunal
    • Imagine being stuck in a conversation with someone you have never interacted with. Well, that’s what happened with Badri, that too with his girlfriend’s father. Watch Badri’s worst nightmare unfold in front of his eyes. Will he make peace with him? Will things be ok?
    • Awkward selfies and weird requests! What happens when a Bollywood celebrity gets stuck with his obnoxious fan... and there is no room to escape....Watch Abhishek Bachchan trying to ignore Ghanti Urf Chote Miyan's excitement...