• Air date: 04 Apr '20 6 episodes
      The first episode is an introductory episode. After that, each episode focuses on a particular theme. The web series takes us to the background of Anna Hazare Movement , famously known as Janlokpal movement and the ideological basis of a new political party that came out of that. The concept of Swaraj, governance and political funding are examined.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. The Dream Game

      04 Apr '20
      Introductory episode of the 6 episodes documentary series, preparing viewers for what they have in store.
    • 2. A Tale of 3 Rivers: Chicago River, Thames & Yamuna

      04 Apr '20
      Munish, the protagonist and the anchor of the series has settled down back in his job and family after returning from years of volunteering in Delhi for AAP. He decides to fly to India again, this time to fix the accountability.
    • 3. Untold Story of India Aagainst Corruption

      04 Apr '20
      Someone had set an agenda to kill the moment and start with political ambitions. The insiders tell the truth.
    • 4. The Mask

      04 Apr '20
      Arvind Kejriwal who has a proven track record as an activist in public domain and now is the chief minister of Delhi. What do insiders have to say to them?
    • 5. The Cave of Arvind

      04 Apr '20
      The mask leads to a a can of worms. The inner camp of Arvind Kejriwal is more so a camp living in a dark cave.
    • 6. Swaraj Ke Tapu ( Islands of Self Rule)

      04 Apr '20
      A journey into the world of Swaraj, a self governance model in the 3 model villages of India. Is Delhi actually getting that Swaraj?