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      Air date: 12 Feb '20 6 episodes
      ZEE5 Original action drama web series, starring Guru Somasundaram, Bazak Gaziler Prasad, Gokul Anand and Rohit Muralidharan. A century-old nude painting creates ripples at an auction, as a religious politician and others bid to win the artwork. As the fight intensifies, the secret behind the painting's popularity unravels. Don't miss to watch Topless on ZEE5.
      Topless season 1 has 6 episodes. It is a tamil drama, action web-series starring Rohit Muralidharan, Harish Uthaman, Antony Felix and GeeVee. It is created by Dinesh Mohan.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • After fleeing from prison, TOP is all set to pull off 3 crimes with his loyal team RIGHT, LEFT, BASE and STRAIGHT who were convicted for a sloppy bank heist. The team manages to pull off the first crime and decides to loot money from a British lady, Helena, for their second gig.
    • 2. Interracial

      11 Feb '20
      Helena Wellesley, a British woman, is desperate to reclaim her grandfather’s infamous painting at an auction. After arriving in India, she seeks the help of gangster twins, Johnny and David, to convert dollars to rupees illegally. However, she loses all the money to a mysterious gang. Later, TOP and his team attack Helena.
    • Kalki, a religious politician, faces the heat from various feminist organisations for proposing to restrict modern outfits for women. Helena, who's upset for not getting hold of the painting, joins hands with David and the 'TOP'less team to steal the painting. However, an unexpected situation awaits the 'TOP'less gang.
    • Kalki reveals the truth of the Topless painting, created by the British painter, Richard Wellesley. In the meanwhile, BASE continues to be held captive at Kalki's house. His team members, LEFT and RIGHT, make a plan to rescue him. In the meanwhile, David gets mortally wounded.
    • BASE strikes a deal with Kalki and agrees to help him find the painting. In the meanwhile, Johnny comes in search of his dead twin and meets Kalki. The duo strikes a quick deal, thanks to LEFT and RIGHT. On the other hand, Helena gets frustrated as she still does not have the painting.
    • 6. Gangbang

      11 Feb '20
      As the situation intensifies, LEFT and RIGHT head towards Kalki's house to return the painting and rescue BASE. On the other hand, Helena swings into action to get hold of the painting. Amidst all this drama, a shocking truth unfolds.