• Air date: 07 Apr '20 7 episodes
      A variety series featuring a cast of animated characters mocking real-world events the same day that they happen, and even interviewing real-world guests and newsmakers...
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. BIG NEWS (Olivia Nuzzi)

      07 Apr '20
      Smartwood and the Big News analysts call Rudy Giuliani and discuss Gov. Andrew Cuomo's nipples with Olivia Nuzzi.
    • 2. INSIDE THE HILL (Paul Krugman)

      08 Apr '20
      Paul Krugman joins Inside the Hill to discuss the Coronavirus stimulus bill alongside a dancing gingerbread man.
    • 3. BIG NEWS (Rep. Eric Swalwell)

      08 Apr '20
      Rep. Eric Swalwell gives Big News an exclusive: his endorsement of Joe Biden plus bonus access to organs. Plus, Swalwell and Smartwood call Rudy Giuliani to discuss the ongoing Stain-Gate investigation
    • 4. WEEK IN REVIEW (Olivia Nuzzi/Rep. Donna Shalala/Rep. Eric Swalwell/Paul Krugman)

      10 Apr '20
      Presidential endorsements, Stain-gate, rawdogging, and jazzed up Paul Krugman all on this week's Big News and Inside the Hill.
    • 5. INSIDE THE HILL (John Heilemann)

      13 Apr '20
      Host of "The Circus" John Heilemann stops by Inside the Hill to discuss Joe Biden's presidential campaign and social distancing's impact on DC's elite
    • 6. BIG NEWS (Donny Deutsch)

      14 Apr '20
      Donny Deutsch joins Big News on No Policy Day to discuss rebranding the Biden campaign, Obama's endorsement, and life advice for the born rich.
    • 7. HOT TAKE (Matt Schlapp)

      16 Apr '20
      Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp joins the hosts of Hot Take to talk about reopening America and advocating for his client during a global pandemic.