• Air date: 11 Mar '19 6 episodes
      A struggling jazz band from South London are sent back to the 1920s.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Back To Black

      11 Mar '19
      Horace is desperate to go back in time and save his Grandma from slipping on the stairs but time travelling with Homeless Pete is not an exact science and the band find themselves in 1958.
    • 2. In Da Club

      11 Mar '19
      The gang move in with Victoria and Nick wants to open his own jazz club, which Lauren sees as a new business venture. Meanwhile a mysterious woman called Janice is tailing the gang - is she a spy?
    • 3. Crazy In Love

      18 Mar '19
      Victoria decides that it's time to marry off her and Jason's son, JJ. But it seems the only woman JJ has eyes for is Lauren.
    • 4. Straight Outta Peckham

      25 Mar '19
      Horace's private diary from 2019 is published in 1958 and becomes an overnight 'science fiction' sensation.
    • 5. Blurred Lines

      01 Apr '19
      General Hands agrees to come and play at the club, but Nick's more than a little put out when he forms a much closer bond with Jason. Lauren, meanwhile, is enraged when her money goes missing.
    • 6. The Fugees

      08 Apr '19
      Nick befriends some West Indians and Horace befriends some Teddy Boys, but when the two groups meet, it sparks a race riot.