• Air date: 29 Nov '20 6 episodes
      In season seven, Ling explores the unlikely bond between prisoners and prep school students, how the digital age is affecting boys as they become men, the illicit massage parlor industry, heroin addiction, families affected by gun violence, and the rising popularity of psychedelic healing.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Prison & Prep School

      29 Nov '20
      Lisa Ling witnesses the melding of two worlds: a prison and a prep school and experiences the surprising outcome of the unlikeliest of bonds.
    • 2. Lost Boys

      29 Nov '20
      Lisa Ling explores the critical transition when boys become men and investigates how the digital age is impacting a generation of young boys.
    • 3. When Heroin Hits Home

      06 Dec '20
      Lisa Ling witnesses what happens when heroin addiction hits home. From children forced to grow up way too soon, to people in the throes of addiction fighting to get clean and keep their babies, to families and agencies working with addicts to create safe homes and win custody of their children.
    • 4. The Secret World Of Massage Parlors

      06 Dec '20
      Lisa Ling investigates the illicit massage parlor industry, from the police struggling to curtail trafficking to the desperate circumstances that lead women into this lucrative yet exploitative trade.
    • 5. Under The Gun

      13 Dec '20
      Lisa Ling meets people from all walks of life who have joined “the club no one wants to be a part of” – families of victims and survivors – who are joining forces to support each other and fight gun violence.
    • 6. Psychedelic Healing

      20 Dec '20
      Lisa Ling explores the medical uses of psychedelics and examines how for some the hallucinogenic toolbox might hold the key to a healthier future.