This Is Life with Lisa Ling : Season 5

    • Air date: 23 Sep '18 6 episodes
      In season five, Ling examines gender fluidity, screen addiction, the crystal meth epidemic in Oklahoma, mediums in Lily Dale, New York, fathers dealing with custody battles after divorce, children of notorious killers, and animal super-fans called “furries.”
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. The Myth of MS-13

    • Lisa Ling reports on the ultraviolent world of MS-13, investigating how the US helped create Trump's “violent animals.”

    2. The Meth Crossroads

    • Lisa Ling meets the law enforcement teams working to curb the crystal meth epidemic plaguing the people of Oklahoma.

    3. Gender Fluidity

    • Lisa Ling explores the revolution going on in how people think about genders. She meets individuals across the spectrum who are seeking acceptance from those closest to them.

    4. Screen Addiction

    • Lisa Ling goes in depth into the role technology plays in the mental health crisis.

    5. Children of Killers

    • Lisa Ling explores the lives of the children of mass murderers.

    6. The Mediums of Lily Dale

    • Lisa Ling travels to the Lily Dale Assembly, a cozy lakeside village in upstate New York that is a community of mediums.