• Air date: 22 Jun '22 10 episodes
      A dysfunctional family of superheroes comes together to solve the mystery of their father's death, the threat of the apocalypse and more.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 2. World's Biggest Ball of Twine

      22 Jun '22
      With their Number One missing, the Sparrows take a hostage. Allison makes a painful discovery. Klaus takes Five on an eye-opening road trip.
    • 3. Pocket Full of Lightning

      22 Jun '22
      As people start disappearing in waves, Five and Lila reluctantly team up to solve their time-travel problem. Klaus sees a new side of his father.
    • 4. Kugelblitz

      22 Jun '22
      Luther and Sloane hatch a plan to end the war between the families. Viktor reconnects with someone from the past. Five has an unsettling encounter.
    • 5. Kindest Cut

      22 Jun '22
      Klaus's relationship with death proves more complicated than anyone knew. Viktor finally learns what happened to the Umbrellas' mothers.
    • 6. Marigold

      22 Jun '22
      Five chases down Pogo, Viktor and Harlan attempt a transfer of powers, and Diego and Lila venture beyond the wall of the White Buffalo Suite.
    • 7. Auf Wiedersehen

      22 Jun '22
      In 1989, Lila digs up one of her mother's secrets. The families join forces to fight the Kugelblitz. Reginald teaches Klaus to harness his powers.
    • 8. Wedding at the End of the World

      22 Jun '22
      With the universe collapsing around them, the gang gathers for a day of romance, awkwardness and debauchery at the Hotel Obsidian.
    • 9. Seven Bells

      22 Jun '22
      Reginald goes all out to convince the children to sign on to his plan. Five tries to recover a drunken memory. Allison has a change of heart.
    • 10. Oblivion

      22 Jun '22
      Shaken, the family confronts the deadly mysteries of the Hotel Oblivion — and the growing suspicion that their mission is not what it seems.