• Air date: 17 Aug '06 14 episodes
      The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback is the fourth season of the mixed martial arts reality television series The Ultimate Fighter. It premiered on August 17, 2006, immediately after the conclusion of UFC Fight Night 6. The finale was aired on November 11, 2006. This series featured a change from the usual Ultimate Fighter format. Instead of UFC hopefuls, the cast was composed of fighters that had fought in the UFC but had yet to win a UFC title. The winners in the middleweight and welterweight
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    • 1. The Comeback Begins

      17 Aug '06
      Sixteen mixed martial artists, who have all fought and lost in the UFC, get a chance to put their careers back on track. The winners will receive one hundred grand and a championship title fight in the welterweight and middleweight divisions of the UFC.
    • 2. Blood Bath

      24 Aug '06
      Team Mojo has control and decides to mess with Team No Love, but Shonie’s carelessness jeopardizes thier strategy. And things get bloody as two middleweights step into the Octagon.
    • 3. Passing Guard

      31 Aug '06
      Shonie Carter’s antics drive everybody crazy in the house. The fighters get a chance to watch UFC 60 featuring the return of legendary Jiu-Jitsu fighter Royce Gracie vs. welterweight champion Matt Hughes.
    • 4. The Funk

      07 Sep '06
      A fighter breaks the rules and is punished. A contagious skin infection spreads through the house. And the second middleweight elimination bout takes place.
    • 5. Flip-A-Coin

      14 Sep '06
      Team No Love must find a replacement for a disqualified teammate. Shonie turns the swimming pool into a recycling center. The welterweights are up for elimination.
    • 6. Captain Miserable

      21 Sep '06
      One of the fighters gets a special message from home. Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin joins the training staff and Charles McCarthy earns a new nickname.
    • 7. Drop To A Knee

      28 Sep '06
      Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin offers some controversial advice. Matt “The Terror” Serra finally gets his chance to enter the Octagon in the last welterweight preliminary fight of the series.
    • 8. True Colors

      05 Oct '06
      Shonie decides to practice with the opposing team. UFC Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell joins the training staff. And Patrick Cotê faces Jorge Rivera in the final middleweight preliminary bout.
    • 9. Welterweight Semifinal #1

      12 Oct '06
      The remaining fighters meet with Dana and the trainers to decide the Semi-Final match-ups. The first Middleweight semi-final takes place.
    • 10. Welterweight Semifinal #2

      19 Oct '06
      Team No Love devises a unique way to get back at Shonie for his annoying antics. And the long awaited rematch between Matt Serra and Shonie Carter takes place to decide who will face Chris Lytle in the finale.
    • 11. Middleweight Semifinal #1

      26 Oct '06
      The fighters get stir crazy and take it out on the house. Travis Lutter fights Pete Sell in the first middleweight semi-final.
    • 12. Middleweight Semifinal #2

      02 Nov '06
      Mikey gets some bad news. The fighters play a prank on Charles. And Edwin DeWees takes on Patrick Cotê to decide who will face Travis Lutter in the middleweight final.
    • 13. The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale

      11 Nov '06
      It\'s the Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Finale live from Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt Serra will face Chris Lytle in the Welterweight Final. And in the Middlweight Finals, it is Patrick Cote vs. Travis Lutter.
    • 14. The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale Pt 2

      11 Nov '06