• Air date: 10 Sep '14 13 episodes
      For the first time ever, The Ultimate Fighter competition will determine a champion. In a groundbreaking new season, 16 of the top 115-pound female fighters in the world will be hand-picked to form a new women's strawweight division in the UFC. The fighters will live together in the house, train under coaches Gilbert Melendez and current lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, and battle it out in a tournament-style bracket. In the end only one woman will be crowned champion, and earn the
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    • 1. For The Belt

      10 Sep '14
      For the first time in the history of the competition, The Ultimate Fighter will crown a champion. 16 of the most talented female fighters in the world arrive to the UFC training center to compete in a tournament to decide who will be the first first belt holder in the UFC's new 115 pound straw-weight division.
    • 2. We All Came Here to Fight!

      17 Sep '14
      Hard training takes its toll on Team Melendez, while the Team Pettis fighters grow frustrated with their coaching. Then, Joanne Calderwood faces Emily Kagan for a spot in the quarterfinals.
    • 3. Don't Fight Fate

      24 Sep '14
      On the heels of Team Pettis' second win in a row, one of the fighters receives devastating news. After a silly game at the house turns raunchy, Heather Clark becomes an outcast on Team Melendez. Then in the third preliminary fight, #4 seed Jessica Penne of Team Pettis takes on #13 seed Lisa Ellis of Team Melendez, with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line.
    • 4. Make a Big Strike

      01 Oct '14
      After Team Melendez loses it's 3rd fight in a row tensions between Heather Clark and the rest of Team Melendez escalate. Urijah Faber takes over for Anthony Pettis for a few days as a special guest coach. Then, in the fourth fight of the tournament Team Pettis pits #1 ranked Carla Esparza against #16 ranked Angela Hill for a chance to advance to the quarter finals.
    • 5. Coming To Get You

      22 Oct '14
      An injury forces one of the fighters out of the competition, and opens the door for another to get a second chance in the tournament. The Team Melendez fighters question the severity of Heather Clark's nagging knee injury. And the storied rivalry between #6 seed Felice Herrig of Team Pettis and #11 seed Clark finally comes to a head, as they face off in the fifth preliminary fight.
    • 6. Give It All You Have

      29 Oct '14
      Aisling struggles get the attention of Dana White's attention. Tecia's return to the competition angers some fighters. Then, in the sixth fight of the tournament Team Pettis pits #5 ranked Aisling Daly against #12 ranked Angela Magana for a chance to advance to the quarterfinals.
    • 7. Risk It All

      05 Nov '14
      The rift between the members of Team Melendez grows. Heather Clark receives shocking news that quiets her teammates. Both teams get a visit from members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. And in the seventh preliminary fight, #7 seed Rose Namajunas tries to earn Team Melendez its first win of the tournament, as she faces #10 seed Alex Chambers of Team Pettis.
    • 8. Scrapettes

      12 Nov '14
      A group of Team Melendez fighters decide they want Tecia to move out of their room. At a pool party tensions between the fighters boil over. Then, in the final preliminary fight of the tournament Team Melendez sends #8 ranked Bec Rawlings against #3 ranked Tecia Torres for a chance to advance to the quarterfinals.
    • 9. Don't Talk To Me

      19 Nov '14
      With several teammates set to face off in the quarterfinals, Team Pettis decides opponents will not attend the same practice. But one of the fighters breaks the agreement and the team disintegrates into arguing factions. Then, in one of the most heated matchups of the season, teammates do battle as #6 seed Felice Herrig takes on #14 seed Randa Markos....with a spot in the semifinals at stake.
    • 10. Fighting for Themselves

      26 Nov '14
      Aisling Daly gets a surprise visit from Conor McGregor. The fighters visit Harley Davidson bootcamp. Then, in the second quarterfinal #5 ranked Aisling Daly takes on #4 ranked Jessica Penne with the winner advancing to the semi-final.
    • 11. Best Job in the World

      03 Dec '14
      In a special two-fight episode...#3 seed Tecia Torress tries to make the most of her second chance in the tournament, when she faces top seed Carla Esparza in the third quarterfinal fight. Then 7 seed Rose Namajunas, the only fighter remaining from Team Melendez, takes on #2 ranked Joanne Calderwood....for the last spot in the semifinals.
    • 12. It's About to Get Real

      10 Dec '14
      #4 seed Jessica Penne looks to put personal feelings aside as she takes on top seed and close friend Carla Esparza. Then, 14 seed Randa Markos tries for her third straight upset victory, as she faces 7 seed Rose Namajunas of Team Melendez. Two fights...one episode...with the winners securing a spot in the live finale in Las Vegas, and a shot at the first-ever UFC women's straw-weight belt.
    • 13. A Champion Will Be Crowned

      12 Dec '14