• Air date: 03 Sep '23 10 episodes
      Twelve ordinary citizens are called up as the people's jury in a sensational murder case.
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    • 1. Anton and Julie

      03 Sep '23
      Anton and Julie are interrogated by the chairman. Julie claims she accidentally pushed Marianne down the stairs. Anton declares to have left home after a quarrel and not to have seen Marianne since. Anton, meanwhile, has a hard time with the strategy of his lawyer Frank - who wants him to go against his daughter's statement.
    • 2. The technical investigation

      10 Sep '23
      Investigating judge, blood spatter analyst and medical doctor show that Marianne was probably knocked down in the living room, thrown down the cellar stairs by two people, and then suffocated. Claire questions the prosecutor's office and questions their evidence, while Frank launches a defense strategy that surprises both the opposing defense and the jury. Meanwhile, those around Kobe seem convinced of his guilt, to Nico's dismay. And Catherine gets to know the charming jury member Jacob.
    • 3. Dennis and Romy

      17 Sep '23
      Dennis explains at the trial what he believes was Anton's motive, and Romy is pressured by her lawyers to portray Julie in a bad light during her questioning. Dennis and Romy are questioned by the defense lawyers and are found not to have been completely honest. Meanwhile, Kobe is being bullied harder and harder, Esther's painkillers are harder than expected, and Jacob doesn't understand why Catherine is avoiding him. He continues to seek contact in vain.
    • 4. Pix

      24 Sep '23
      Pix, Marianne's accountant, is questioned as a witness. However, serious questions arise about his statement and he is dealt with harshly by Frank. Anneke, Pix's wife, general practitioner and best friend of Marianne, comes to testify about a strange incident a few months before the murder. Meanwhile, Simon and Maya get to know each other better, Catherine tells Vanessa what happened between her and Jacob, and Murad appears to be carrying a dark secret from the past.
    • 5. Chrisje

      01 Oct '23
      The court psychiatrist outlines the psychological profiles of Anton and Julie and the disturbing dynamics within the family. Meanwhile, a new element emerges in the investigation and Claire realizes that Julie has not always been honest about everything. At the trial, serious questions arise about Dennis' role as Julie's coach. At home, Murad realizes that things cannot continue like this with Loubna, Simon is finding it increasingly difficult to care for Esther and Nico increasingly doubts
    • 6. Jonathan

      08 Oct '23
      The investigating judge presents the reconstructions to the jury and shows several contradictions in the statements of Anton and Julie. Meanwhile, Claire distances herself more and more from Julie, until she suddenly makes a statement that surprises everyone. As things become increasingly difficult at Simon's home, he grows closer to Maya. Jacob discovers that Catherine told Vanessa what happened between them, and Nico confesses to Marcus what she discovered.
    • 7. Frank and Claire

      15 Oct '23
      Before the lawyers deliver their closing arguments on the penultimate day of the trial, Anton also makes a new statement and forces Frank to change his strategy. While the prosecutor confidently defends the public prosecutor's version and Ivo stirs up emotions, Claire finds a unique angle in her plea, which seems to turn the odds again. Meanwhile, Catherine asks the Chairman for help, Loubna disappoints her mother again, and Marcus and Nico increase the pressure on Kobe.
    • 8. Episode 8

      22 Oct '23
      The jury withdraws to the deliberation room to decide on the question of guilt and the sentence. Opinions differ widely and emotions run high. To what extent has the trial influenced the jurors outside the courtroom and to what extent do they now bring those experiences to the table? After the verdict and the turbulent trial, the jurors return to their lives in a different way. And the truth about Marianne's murder finally comes to light.
    • 9. Episode 9

      29 Oct '23
    • 10. Episode 10

      05 Nov '23