The Super : Season 1

    • Air date: 21 Jun '72 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. The Super's Apprentice

    • When Joe Jr. (Bruno Kirby) is suspended from school, Joe Sr. puts his son to work as the super's assistant--with disastrous results.

    2. The Automated Super

    • The Super doesn't want to throw Monica, a hard working woman struggling to make ends meet, out on the streets. But her bullying boyfriend Jimmy is refusing to pay the bills. Can the Super convince her to lose the deadweight or will Jimmy's actions cost her everything?

    3. The Matchmaker

    • When squatters and a crazy neighbor are threatening to cost a woman her home, she turns to the Super for help. Can he get nine people out of her basement, calm down her irate neighbor, and do it all without losing a tenant?

    4. This Building is Condemned

    • Landmark is hired to take over a building that has been under fire from the city for being out of code and unsafe. The building inspector gives Landmark just three days to do the work or the city will close the building and evict all of the tenants. Meanwhile, the Super decides to help a woman who is struggling to make ends meet. The Super does everything he can to get her and her family into a house, until he stumbles on some information that turns her whole story upside down.

    5. Joe's Scheme

    • The bank has hired Landmark to manage a house they've just foreclosed on and the tenant hasn't paid them a dollar of rent. The Super goes to investigate and finds an elderly woman who is at times angry and confused but never afraid to call the cops. Will the Super have to put a little old lady out on the streets or will he make her understand that she has to pay her rent before it's too late?

    6. Joe's Affair (aka Flesh on the Third Floor)

    • When The Super takes over a building that used to be owned by a slumlord, he knew he had a full plate of repairs to deal with. But he didn't know he was walking into a simmering pot of drug dealing, gossip, and a terrible mouse infestation!

    7. Facts of Life

    • As his teenaged daughter becomes sexually curious, Joe faces the uncomfortable prospect of telling her the Birds and the Bees.

    8. The Plague

    • The Super decides to get to know more about the Burmese refugees who have been moving in to Landmark apartments. What he finds is a culture clash of epic and bloody proportions! Plus, a former alcoholic struggles with his demons...and his mattress!

    9. The Fat Cop

    • The Super's on the search for two months back rent from a group of recent college grads. But when they keep ignoring The Super's offers to help, he has no choice but to call their mommy!

    10. Joe's Extra Ticket

    • When a woman is thrown out of her home by her boyfriend, she sets up camp in The Super's parking lot. She's got no job and nowhere to go. He can help her out, but only if she can face the facts of her dire situation first!

    11. I Just Want a Normal Life

    • After The Super evicts a pair of exes, his team uncovers evidence of a criminal operation plus over $7000 in damages to the house they were renting. Now, it's up to The Super to find the fugitives and get his money back!

    12. I Shoulda Stayed in Bed

    • Working on The Super's maintenance team is no picnic. It's thankless, grueling, and sometimes dangerous. Three different members of the maintenance team face some of the worst conditions in Omaha and are pushed to their breaking point...and beyond.

    13. Kiss My Nuts

    • Evictions are a big part of being a landlord and a lot of Landmark's tenants are on their way out. But evictions are also unpleasant and when The Super tries to evict one woman, her family shows up and puts him in the most dangerous situation he's ever faced.