• Air date: 15 Mar '24 4 episodes
      A tragic affair of child abuse and judicial disaster, this docuseries revisits the Outreau case, one of the biggest scandals in French history.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 2. Spiraling Out of Control

      15 Mar '24
      As the case grows ever larger and the horror of the nation bears down upon him, Burgaud becomes increasingly reliant on Myriam Badaoui's testimony.
    • 3. The Trial

      15 Mar '24
      After three long years, the trial finally begins. As the lawyers for the defense start working together, they bring about a shift in the narrative.
    • 4. Justice

      15 Mar '24
      The jury renders its verdict and a new trial is held in Paris. As the entire justice system is called into question, the French public demands answers.