The Movies That Made Us : Season 1

    • Air date: 29 Nov '19 4 episodes
  • List of Episodes (4)

    1. Dirty Dancing

    • Stepping on toes and tangling with rejection, the women behind this "girl's movie" touched millions despite co-star tension and a meager budget.

    2. Home Alone

    • Mix a "comedy machine" with a novice director. Add a shutdown threat, rotating robbers and terrifying stunts to home in on a ho-ho-ho holiday megahit.

    3. Ghostbusters

    • A rickety script, tight timeline and effects issues almost busted this comedy. But thanks to Dan Aykroyd and company, the slimy shenanigans took off.

    4. Die Hard

    • This box office titan took action movies to the next level, decked out with a relatable hero, a humorous rewrite and a well-played “yippee-ki-yay.”