The Mashup Monkeys : Season 1

    • Air date: 02 Feb '18 6 episodes
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. Webisode-1

    • The chapter begins with a rave party where three main protagonists Dodo, Papai and Ronty popped a pill, sold by a random drug dealer, and this becomes the inception of upcoming chaos. Next morning Ronty starts having fearful visions, which will later pull the narrative.

    2. Webisode-2

    • This chapter begins in a doctor’s chamber where Ronty and Papai took Dodo for a checkup of his abnormal ailments. Dodo is 7 months pregnant as per the doctor, but the doctor turns very mischievous and without there permission calls up media for gaining quick fame & encashing the issue of Dodo’s pregnancy. Dodo smashes doctor’s head and they escape.

    3. Webisode-3

    • This chapter begins with three boys in another rave party as per Maani’s instruction. They have waited for long time for the dealer, but there is no scene of him. Suddenly Ronty sees another vision, where Arbaaz is in an intimate position with some other girl, and Papai is running toward him in anger to beat him

    4. Webisode-4

    • Right from the beginning we will see that the dealer has become friends with the three protagonists. The guys also got a Fiat Padmini car with them, the car itself is a character. The doctor will again return in this episode, he will also take a very important role in the story. Dodo’s ailment will also increase through time. The episode will end with a tragic narrative jerk.

    5. Webisode-5

    • This is an investigative episode, which starts with a police officer at the accident site. The officer is in search of three boys. On the other hand Sunny, according to Maani’s instruction is searching for the doctor. He gets to know that, three boys came to the doctor and smashed his head some days back. Police will get more confused after interrogating localities about the car and the boys.

    6. Webisode-6

    • The last chapter of the series, Maani and Doctor’s equation will take a new edge. All other subplots will reach its end. There will a death in this episode again, but that is not the end of the journey of the main three protagonists. They will be more horrific clues from past, which will lead them to a more horrible future.