The Innocent Man : Season 1

    • Air date: 12 Sep '12 20 episodes
  • List of Episodes (20)

    1. Episode 1

    • Ma Roo is studying to become a doctor when a shocking accident leads him to sacrifice his future.

    2. Episode 2

    • Jae Hee's attempt to extricate Ma Roo from her life goes horribly wrong.

    3. Episode 3

    • Eun Ki feels unusually indebted to Jae Hee when he saves a special possession from an accident. Jae Hee takes the chance to make a startling proposal to Eun Ki, one that might bring him closer to Jae Hee's world.

    4. Episode 4

    • Eun Ki introduces Jae Hee to her family. The confrontational first meeting leads Eun Gee's father to make a decision that will pit his daughter against his wife.

    5. Episode 5

    • Ma Ru shrewdly finds a way to prevent Aomori resort from being sold off. Jae Hee attempts to keep Eun Ki and Ma Ru from getting closer together.

    6. Episode 6

    • Initially kicking Jae Hee out in an act of rage, the President gives her a chance to get her job back.

    7. Episode 7

    • Eun Gee is torn when she discovers Ma Roo's past relationship with Jae Hee. Meanwhile, Jae Hee makes a bold move to extricate Ma Roo from her life once and for all.

    8. Episode 8

    • The tables turn now that Chairman Seo has discovered of Jae Hee's duplicity. Jae Hee scrambles to recover from the shocking blow.

    9. Episode 9

    • Two unexpected tragedies shake up the players' agendas and put Tae San's future into question.

    10. Episode 10

    • One year later, despite Eun Gee's disappearance, Jae Hee is still hindered by her influence at Tae San. Jae Hee searches for a way rid herself of Eun Gee's shadow.

    11. Episode 11

    • Jae Hee makes plans for Tae San in Eun Gee's absence.

    12. Episode 12

    • Eun Gee's return to Tae San is extremely surprising and causes many snags for Jae Hee's plans.

    13. Episode 13

    • Eun Gee struggles to regain her lost memories at the price of discovering the most painful ones first.

    14. Episode 14

    • As Jae Hee schemes to expose Eun Gee's secrets to the public, Eun Gee falls into a dangerous trap.

    15. Episode 15

    • Eun Gee's old flame returns, threatening Ma Roo's hold on Tae San.

    16. Episode 16

    • Eun Gee begins to recovers bits and pieces of her memory while Ma Roo finds life has dealt him a fatal blow.

    17. Episode 17

    • Having recovered her memory, Eun Gee tests those are around her, unable to trust anyone, including Ma Roo.

    18. Episode 18

    • As Eun Gee tries to forget Ma Roo, Ma Roo declares his love for Jae Hee to protect the one he truly loves.

    19. Episode 19

    • Secretary Hyun's sudden accident reaffirms Eun Gee's determination to get to the bottom of the conspiracy behind her father's scandal.

    20. Episode 20

    • Ma Roo's head injury sends him to the hospital, and in the process makes things right.