• Air date: 08 Sep '22 10 episodes
      After an experimental gene therapy turns them into monsters, three twenty-somethings band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make them human again.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 2. Doug of the Dead

      08 Sep '22
      In hopes of finding Sarkov, the Imperfects look for another Wellness Program participant while dealing with the fallout from their new powers
    • 3. Portland Warehouse Massacre

      08 Sep '22
      The search for Sarkov leads Juan, Abbi and Tilda into a seriously messed up situation. A mysterious woman begins to zero in on her targets.
    • 4. One of Us

      08 Sep '22
      While Juan reconnects with family, Abbi and Tilda meet another test subject with powers of his own. Investigators start to hunt for the Imperfects.
    • 5. Zoe Must Be Destroyed

      08 Sep '22
      At Sarkov's home, Tilda and Juan make a shocking discovery. Abbi and Hannah worry that Finch may pose a threat to Dr. Burke.
    • 6. Lest Ye Become a Monster

      08 Sep '22
      Burke and Sarkov begin work on a cure, with Burke as the test subject. When government agents track them down, the group rallies to fend them off.
    • 7. Cure All

      08 Sep '22
      Abbi, Juan and Tilda investigate an attack after a mutant strikes. Sarkov inches closer to a cure, while Burke has a breakthrough.
    • 8. The Devil You Know

      08 Sep '22
      In need of nanobots to distribute his cure, Sarkov sends the team on a mission to Idaho. Burke and Finch team up to stay one step ahead of Dr. Crain.
    • 9. All Monsters Attack

      08 Sep '22
      After receiving bad news from home, Abbi attempts to replicate the cure. Juan attends a party. Tilda tries to warn Sarkov of the risks of using nanobots.
    • 10. Destroy All Monsters

      08 Sep '22
      Abbi and Tilda band together with an unexpected ally to go after Sarkov, who has big plans for Juan. New revelations bring new challenges for the group.