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      Air date: 18 Feb '21 3 episodes
      We all are aware of how Government offices operate in India. The atmosphere is full of bullies, torturing customers in the name of services. A place where a common man struggles to get the work done. The corruption in government offices will stay evergreen as the issues still exist everywhere.
      The Government office. season 1 has 3 episodes. It is a drama, comedy web-series starring Chote Miyan, Shreya Gupto, Bibhu and vaibhav shukla. It is created by Abhishek Kumar. Season 1 for The Government office. aired on 18 Feb '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
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    • There can be multiple reasons why sometimes things work in government offices and sometimes they don’t. You have to deal with almost all types of people to get the work done. And you are among the luckiest person if it’s done without any delay.
    • 3. Link Fail

      03 Mar '21
      Everything can remain constant except the behavior of government employees. If there is one place where you get the actual test of patience, that place is offices in India. This projection of people’s woes in government offices will give you the reality check.