The Good Vibes : Season 1

    • Air date: 08 Aug '18 1 episodes
  • List of Episodes (1)

    1. 365 days party!

    • The party has begun! Meet the adorable newlyweds Lakshya & Jonita, their crazy bunch of buddies and an awesome big house. Everything here looks hunky-dory, but, there's a twist in the story! Watch the first episode to know what we're talking about. #TheGoodVibes

    2. E02 - Pachees Hazar Ka Fine

    • The party's over, hangover has started and things aren't looking that great at #TheGoodVibes household. Lakshya & Jo are caught up in a whole new whirlwind of problems. How will they juggle this?

    3. E03 - Chandrama Aur Shani

    • In the aftermath of Abby’s disastrous proposal, unexpected questions start popping into Lakshya & Jo’s minds. Meanwhile, a light-hearted family dinner turns dark. Will they find a way out? #TheGoodVibes