The Good Vibes : Season 1

    • Air date: 08 Aug '18 1 episodes
  • List of Episodes (1)

    1. 365 days party!

    • The party has begun! Meet the adorable newlyweds Lakshya & Jonita, their crazy bunch of buddies and an awesome big house. Everything here looks hunky-dory, but, there's a twist in the story! Watch the first episode to know what we're talking about. #TheGoodVibes

    2. E02 - Pachees Hazar Ka Fine

    • The party's over, hangover has started and things aren't looking that great at #TheGoodVibes household. Lakshya & Jo are caught up in a whole new whirlwind of problems. How will they juggle this?

    3. E03 - Chandrama Aur Shani

    • In the aftermath of Abby’s disastrous proposal, unexpected questions start popping into Lakshya & Jo’s minds. Meanwhile, a light-hearted family dinner turns dark. Will they find a way out? #TheGoodVibes

    4. E04 - Sab Energy ka Chakkar Hai

    • In the aftermath of an unwanted blackout, Lakshya gathers his thoughts and wakes up with newfound energy and spirit. How will this affect their home and marriage? #TheGoodVibes

    5. E05 - Hypocrisy

    • After the business pitch fails, Lakshya has to cope up with the a whole new grid of emotions. He decides to do something about it, and comes to a conclusion. But Jo is not happy. Watch the episode now! #TheGoodVibes

    6. E06 - Laddoo

    • It's their anniversary party, and Lakshya has still not come out of his isolation. While a worried Jonita ponders over the future of their relationship, Lakshya has other plans in mind. Find out how the story ends in this season finale episode. It's their last chance, and final solution.