• Air date: 18 May '23 8 episodes
      The Ferragnez is the docuseries without filters that tells the extraordinary life of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez. An authentic tale that unveils the behind the scenes of one of the most followed couples ever and the most intimate momen
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    • Chiara and Fedez start their journey with the therapist, and after a heated discussion their differences begin to emerge. After announcing his participation in the Sanremo Festival, Fedez joins Chiara and the whole family in a beautiful villa on Lake Como. Christmas is approaching and Fedez has a unique surprise in store for his son Leone.
    • The daily life of Chiara and Fedez is split between a multitude of work commitments that they face in opposing ways. Between rehearsals for Sanremo and photo shoots, we begin to see how their differences are in fact the secret to their love.
    • The therapist assigns Chiara and Fedez an exercise known as “Star and Groupie”: in turn, they will have to spend a day fulfilling each other’s wishes. For this occasion, they decide to take a couple of days off and head to the mountains for a romantic weekend; moments of conflict will emerge as well as sweet discussions. This situation will also reveal unknown aspects of Chiara’s adolescence.
    • Fedez accidentally makes a mistake that may jeopardize his participation in the Festival. Troubled by this event, Fedez reveals new aspects of his past during therapy. After the storm is over, Chiara and Fedez step into each other’s shoes: she records the series’s theme song, while Fedez experiences the dreaded pains of childbirth.
    • 5. Baby Shower

      18 May '23
      The Ferragnez confide to their therapist the emotions they are feeling as Vittoria’s birth approaches. Fedez and Francesca Michielin shoot the videoclip of the Sanremo song, as Chiara’s friends throw her a surprise baby shower. For his Sanremo debut, the renowned stylist Donatella Versace will create the perfect outfit for Fedez and Leone!
    • 6. Sanremo

      18 May '23
      Amidst panic, euphoria, disappointment, and overturning rankings, Fedez’s adventure in Sanremo finally begins. Chiara and Fedez’s family follow the entire Festival cheering for him. But there is a more important event that is about to revolutionize the life of the Ferragnez... the birth of Vittoria!
    • 7. Vittoria

      18 May '23
      The most important life changing event: the birth of a child. The Ferragnez go to the hospital for the long awaited birth of baby Vittoria. Finally back home, it's time for another emotional moment: the first encounter between Leone and his newborn sister.
    • 8. New Life

      18 May '23
      The couple enjoys a trip out of town with Leone and Vittoria: an ideal moment to relax and reflect on the future ahead. Thinking about what's next for them, Chiara and Fedez scoot around an enchanted Milan. For one night, they forget the extraordinary nature of their lives and indulge in what is at the core of their lives: love.