• Air date: 09 Sep '78 13 episodes
      The super-elastic Mr. Fantastic, the force field-wielding Invisible Girl, the orange rock-covered Thing and the data-crammed robot H.E.R.B.I.E. make up a team of superheroes dedicated to thwarting would-be world-dominating villains.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. A Monster Among Us

      09 Sep '78
      Above the Earth, a meteor shower damages an alien spacecraft, which then falls down to the planet's surface. A giant humanoid alien emerges and makes its way towards New York. In the Fantastic Four's headquarters in the Baxter Building, Ben is helping Reed to install some heavy equipment when they are alerted to the alien's presence in the city by Herbie and Sue. Reed, Sue and Ben board the Fantasticar and find the alien threatening a city bridge, at the same time as the army, air force and
    • 2. The Phantom of Film City

      16 Sep '78
      Magneto travels to New York, seeking out the Fantastic Four. He uses his magnetic powers to break into the Baxter Building and challenges Reed for leadership of the team. Magneto battles Reed, and manages to defeat him, becoming the new leader of the Fantastic Four in the process. For the new team's first mission, Magneto claims that he has learnt that the City National Bank is about to be robbed, and after Reed insists that they follow Magneto's orders, the Four go to the bank and confound the
    • 3. The Mole Man

      23 Sep '78
      The Fantastic Four patrol the skies above New York in the Fantasticar when they spot a tank ramming into a bank and sucking out the money. They land and attempt to stop the tank from getting away, but find out that the tank was made of plastic and the whole event was a movie scene being filmed in the city. The movie's director, J.J. Collaso, is upset at the ruining of the scene for his movie masterpiece ""The Gigantic Vacuum Cleaner That Devoured New York"", and so Ben and Herbie volunteer to
    • 4. The Olympics of Space

      30 Sep '78
      Travelling over the Bavarian Alps in the Fantasticar to investigate reports of mysterious beings in the mountains, the Fantastic Four come under attack from Gorgon, an Inhuman. Their ship is forced down and they come into contact with the rest of the Inhumans, led by Medusa. She tells them that their hidden valley is known as the Great Refuge, and they have used their powers to keep it hidden from humanity for many years. She informs the Four that the Inhumans intend to reveal themselves to the
    • 5. Medusa and the Inhumans

      07 Oct '78
      Herbie is helping Ben exercise using Reed's testing room, when a mysterious lady enters their headquarters and is captured by the automatic defense systems. She introduces herself as Queen Sebel of Manopal and wishes to enlist the help of the Fantastic Four. She uses a hypnotic influence on Ben to get him to agree to the trip to Manopal along with the rest of the team. There she tells them of how the Great White Stone, a large and valuable diamond was stolen by bandits. While acknowledging a few
    • 6. The Menace of Magneto

      14 Oct '78
      In Europe, a large power plant sinks into the ground, the latest such occurrence. The Fantastic Four are contacted for help, and Reed mentions that a mysterious individual known as the Mole Man is the one who is apparently responsible for the power plants' disappearances. After feeding him the necessary data, Herbie predicts the next plant to disappear will be Russia's largest power plant. The Four travel to Russia and witness the power plant sinking into the Earth's surface. After other plants
    • 7. The Fantastic Four Meet Doctor Doom

      21 Oct '78
      With nothing to do on a quiet night, Ben takes the Fantasticar out for a spin and observes a spaceship in the sky. The spaceship abducts Ben, and the rest of the team attempt to track the ship down. The spaceship travels to the dark side of the Moon, and the commander of the ship, Sandro of the Centaurians, introduces himself to Ben. He tells him that they have been at war for a long time with the Polarians, and to end the war, each side has chosen a champion to fight for them. The Centaurians
    • 8. The Impossible Man

      28 Oct '78
      In Latveria, Doctor Doom plans to defeat the Fantastic Four before ruling the world himself. Doom travels to New York and ensnares the Baxter Building with a giant electrical wire. He reveals himself to the Fantastic Four, and Reed recognizes Doom. Reed tells the others of how he and Victor Von Doom were once classmates at college years ago and that Doom's forbidden experiments resulted in an explosion which scarred his face and resulted in his expulsion. Doom travelled the world in search of
    • 9. The Diamond of Doom

      04 Nov '78
      In an isolated mansion deep in a far away forest, the super-villain known as the Wizard has invited Medusa, the Sandman and the Trapster. He tells them that they must work together as a team in order to defeat the Fantastic Four, and that they will be called the Frightful Four. Back at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four are alerted to a jewellery store robbery and leave to deal with it. Herbie detects the presence of the Wizard and his new team, and they carefully prepare to deal with this
    • 10. The Frightful Four

      11 Nov '78
      On board a commercial airline, the Fantastic Four are travelling to Gateway University in St. Louis where Reed is due to receive and honorary degree when the plane is hit by a mysterious flying object. Together, the Four save the plane and then travel to the university. Reed meets with the dean, Johnson and tells him of what happened with their plane, and that he saw the object fly back to the university. Johnson suspects what has happened and shows Reed to his old teacher, Professor Gilbert's
    • 11. Calamity on the Campus

      18 Nov '78
      A strange green rocket lands on Earth and turns into a powerful green alien. The first people he meets up with are a gangster named Grogan, and his accomplices who have just robbed a bank. The alien tells them that he is from the planet Popup on vacation and has no name. Since he can do just about anything, Grogan dubs him the Impossible Man. Taking advantage of his ignorance of Earth culture, Grogan plans to use Impossible Man to rob every bank in New York. The next day, they successfully steal
    • 12. The Final Victory of Doctor Doom

      09 Dec '78
      Doctor Doom leaves Latveria for New York on his royal rocket. Herbie detects the rocket's launch and Doom makes his way to the Latverian embassy. There, he broadcasts a holographic message to the Fantastic Four. Doom tells them that unlike previous occasions, this time he will finally defeat the Four. Not wanting Doom to make the first move, the Four split up and search the city for Doom's whereabouts. Having no success, Reed suggest the team take time out to relax. Ben goes bowling, Reed
    • 13. Blastarr, The Living Bomb Burst

      16 Dec '78
      Reed's new experiment yields in the discovery of another dimension known as the Negative Zone. He wants to see if the Zone contains new power sources to help the Earth's energy crisis. Sue then shows the team Lockjaw, the Inhumans' giant teleporting dog, who she borrowed from Medusa. With Lockjaw's help, Ben and Sue are able to teleport themselves to the Negative Zone to retrieve mineral samples. While in the Zone, they come under attack by winged creatures, but manage to defeat them. They soon