• Air date: 19 Oct '20 5 episodes
      The Cube is a triple BAFTA Award–winning British game show which first aired on ITV on 22 August 2009. Presented by Phillip Schofield, it offers contestants the chance to win a top prize of £250,000 by completing challenges from within a 4m × 4m × 4m Perspex cube. The show is based on the idea that even straightforward tasks become extremely challenging when confined and put under pressure in front of a large live studio audience. Once inside, contestants can feel both claustrophobic and disorientated. Using "state-of-the-art filming techniques", the show aims to demonstrate the intense anxiety which contestants undergo as they progress through each task. Colin McFarlane provides the disembodied voice of The Cube, who explains the rules of the games.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Episode 1

      19 Oct '20
      Brothers Adam and Jon have their teamwork put to the ultimate test, whilst twin sisters Priya and Shreya endure a nerve-shredding journey in their quest to win one million pounds. Just seven games stand between both pairs and a fortune.
    • 2. Episode 2

      20 Oct '20
      Twin sisters and doctors Priya and Shreya attempt to rescue a critical situation as their journey inside the Cube concludes in dramatic fashion. Best friends Joe and Robert, watched by Joe's three sisters, take on a series of games.
    • 3. Episode 3

      21 Oct '20
      Lianne and Andy, a married couple from Southampton, and Ric and Patricia, a mother-and-son pairing from Southport, are the latest contestants to enter the Cube. Just seven games lie between them and a million pounds.
    • 4. Episode 4

      22 Oct '20
      Annalise and boyfriend Jamie are confident that between them they've got all the skills required to beat the Cube, whilst father-and-son team Rhys and Adam are hoping their blend of youth and experience will prove to be a winning combination.
    • 5. Episode 5

      23 Oct '20
      Father-and-son pairing Adam and Rhys see their journey inside the Cube reach a dramatic conclusion. Then, Essex brothers Ivan and Samraj face a series of new and classic Cube games that push them to the limit.