• Air date: 19 Jul '21 7 episodes
      The Cobweb is a wonderful story where a hero with his smartness creates a dark cobweb to earn crores of money illegally. Hero is been accompanied by a 19 years old girl named Nancy to carry this illegal activity. But there is a saying that “God has a plan for all evils”!!
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. Introduction

      19 Jul '21
      Nancy takes Dolly to her home and introduces to her dad Mr. J P Khanna Remo meets Nancy and Dolly and they spend an intimate time together. In the morning, Nancy accuses Remo for rape charges.
    • 2. The Trap

      19 Jul '21
      Remo’s wife and Mistress Stella comes to know about the rape charges. She comes to city and visits the police station regularly. Advocate Mr. Ravat gets ready to take Remo's case.
    • 3. Suspense Revealed

      19 Jul '21
      There is a fight of Nancy with Stella at a public place. Mr. Ravat sends notice to Mr. Khanna threatening of a defamation case against him. Mr. Khanna offers Remo 50 crores as bribe.
    • 4. Truth Or Lie

      19 Jul '21
      At late night, Ram Dhimon wakes Shilpi and informs her that 50 crores has been credited to Remo’s account, Shipli puts a raid on Remo’s house and finds that Remo is missing.
    • 5. Someone Following

      19 Jul '21
      Shilpi goes to the police station and explains that Dolly is missing, Nancy comes back alone, and Remo comes to police station and says that his wife Stella is missing.
    • 6. Police Interrogation

      19 Jul '21
      Ram Dhimon interrogates Mr. Khanna on missing report of Stella, Nancy becomes scared of the interrogation and calls Remo to discuss their plan.
    • 7. The Cobweb

      19 Jul '21
      Remo was enjoying his success and on another side Ram Dhimon was searching for clues at the farm house. How and when all things happened, how the dark web was built and all things were opening up, the girl approaching Remo was Dolly!