• Air date: 31 Mar '23 10 episodes
      A small town is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears in the general store, promising to reveal each resident’s true calling.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Dusty

      28 Mar '23
      Family man and teacher Dusty Hubbard begins to reevaluate his life and happiness after the arrival of a strange machine called the Morpho.
    • 2. Cass

      28 Mar '23
      Dusty and Cass host a dinner as she wrestles with what her Morpho card might mean. Deerfield’s citizens start making drastic life changes.
    • 3. Jacob

      28 Mar '23
      As the town prepares for Deerfield High’s homecoming basketball game, Jacob is encouraged to step into his brother’s shoes.
    • 4. Father Reuben

      04 Apr '23
      A Morpho-inspired wedding leads to celebration. Father Reuben struggles with the machine’s growing influence.
    • 5. Trina

      11 Apr '23
      Despite her feelings of guilt, Trina celebrates Jacob’s birthday at the Kovac house. Dusty and Cass visit a themed hotel for a romantic getaway.
    • 6. Beau

      18 Apr '23
      Beau searches for the boy who wronged Kolton. Dusty takes over as the basketball coach. Cass pursues a new business venture.
    • 7. Giorgio

      25 Apr '23
      The Potential Fund gala gives Giorgio an opportunity to get closer to Cass. Dusty comes to a realization.
    • 8. Izzy

      02 May '23
      Izzy opens up to Cass about her past. Dusty confronts Giorgio. Mr. Johnson’s magic show sets the stage for shocking revelations.
    • 9. Deerfest (1)

      09 May '23
      Cass and Dusty deal with the fallout from the magic show. Trina comes clean about Jacob. An approaching storm threatens Deerfield.
    • 10. Deerfest (2)

      16 May '23
      Father Reuben makes a discovery about Hana. Dusty and Cass contemplate their future. The Morpho reveals a new mystery.