• Air date: 11 Oct '16 7 episodes
      Teams of parents and their children try to figure out embarrassing facts about each other to win.
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    • 1. Forty-Nine Shades Of Grey

      11 Oct '16
      Acid trips, online cults, and a secret sex chamber? Revealing these truths would normally drive families into therapy, but host Jeff Dye is prescribing these contestants some cold hard cash instead.
    • 2. Luke's a Virgin

      12 Oct '16
      Sex while driving, Stripping in Mexico, Dating Convicts? It's all in the family when kids and parents trade their most Awkward secrets. Host Jeff Dye fuels the humiliation with fistfuls of cash.
    • 3. She Likes Chubby Guys

      19 Oct '16
      Car accidents, hacked cell phones, and sex tapes? This is either a bus stop legal advertisement or just some of the embarrassing answers that could win these three families thousands of dollars.
    • 4. Pimpin' Ain't Easy

      26 Oct '16
      Stealing naked photos, go-go dancing, and sex in a confessional booth? Reliving these memories can be painful for some but, luckily for these families, the money they can win will heal their pain.
    • 5. Mannequins Can't Say No

      02 Nov '16
      Stolen cars, topless gun Parties, and making out with a mannequin? Despite being illegal in most states, three families are willing to risk it all in order to win thousands of dollars in prize money.
    • 6. I Don't Own That Car Anymore

      09 Nov '16
    • 7. If You're Not Cheating, You're Not Trying

      16 Nov '16