• Air date: 12 Sep '21 25 episodes
      Popular celebrities participate in this reality show that takes them to an island where their instincts of human survival are tested through demanding mental and physical challenges
  • List of Episodes (25)
    • 1. The Exciting Dangers of Zanzibar

      12 Sep '21
      Arjun describes the pristine beauty and lurking dangers of the Zanzibar islands. He welcomes the participants and tells them the rules as well as the tasks involved in the game.
    • 2. The Participants Gear Up for the Challenge

      13 Sep '21
      The participants gear up for the challenge set by Arjun and swim towards the boat in the middle of the sea to take the food items. The teams, ‘Kaadargal’ and ‘Vedargal’, proceed towards the island.
    • 3. A Challenge for the Tribe Leaders

      14 Sep '21
      While Arjun sets a challenge for the tribe leaders, Gayathri from Team Kadargal gears up to compete with Laxmi Priya from Team Vedargal. Parvathy argues with Srushti Dange when she pokes fun at her.
    • 4. Which Team Will Win the Reward Challenge?

      15 Sep '21
      The teams gather the items on the island as part of their task. Arjun informs the team about the Reward Challenge. Later, the teams push a sledge in order to win the Reward Challenge.
    • 5. The Survivors Share Their Stories

      16 Sep '21
      Vikrant snaps at Gayathri for reprimanding her team. Team Kadargal and Vedargal unfold the stories of their lives. The elimination of weak contestants baffles the teammates.
    • 6. A Surprise Awaits Indraja and Srushti

      17 Sep '21
      Arjun instructs Gayathri and Lakshmi Priyaa to eliminate the weak contestant from the team. Indraja and Srushti disapprove of the tribe leader’s decision. Later, a surprise awaits Indraja and Srushti.
    • 7. Vikranth and Gayathri Have A Row

      18 Sep '21
      Team Kadargal and Vedargal prepare for a tough competition, wherein they have to cross a log of wood as part of a task in the Immunity Challenge. Vikranth argues with Gayathri for eliminating Indraja.
    • 8. Team Kadargal Vote Against Gayathri

      19 Sep '21
      Arjun questions Vikranth and Gayathri about their disagreement at the tribal panchayat. Team Kadargal vote against their team leader Gayathri.
    • 9. Srushti and Gayathri Compete with Each Other

      20 Sep '21
      Gayathri, Indraja, and Srushti take on a task that will help them rejoin their team. As a part of the task, Srushti and Gayathri compete to build a block. A contestant bids adieu to Survivor.
    • 10. A Face-Off for the Tribe Leader

      21 Sep '21
      To win the title of the tribe leader, Besant Ravi and Amzath Khan, and Lady Kash and Vijayalakshmi face off in a boxing match. Two contestants qualify for the title.
    • 11. The Teams Face A Grit Challenge

      22 Sep '21
      Vijayalakshmi shares her strategy with the team to win the challenge. Both the teams struggle to place huge boxes in order and ring the bell, as a part of the challenge. One team emerges victorious.
    • 12. Team Kadargal Is Asked to Serve Team Vedargal

      23 Sep '21
    • 13. The Teams Meet the Maasai Tribe

      24 Sep '21
      Teams Vedargal and Kadargal meet the Maasai tribe, who teach them some basic survival skills. Later, the teams entertain the Maasai tribe with their dancing and singing skills as a part of the task.
    • 14. A Tough Underwater Challenge

      25 Sep '21
      Parvathy, Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi and Lady Kash compete in the underwater challenge. The team that manages to withstand the task would be announced as the winner.
    • 15. Besant Ravi Disapproves of Parvathy's Views

      26 Sep '21
      At the Tribal Panchayat, Parvathy shares her views about the team with Arjun, but Besant Ravi and the others disapprove of them. Team Vedargal loses one of its weakest team members.
    • 16. Parvathy Complains to Arjun About Her Team

      27 Sep '21
      Team Vedargal disapproves of Parvathy's letter, so she complains to Arjun. Further, Gayathri and Indraja prepare to face a formidable challenge to rejoin the team.
    • 17. Who Will Become the Tribe Leader?

      28 Sep '21
      Nandha and Aishwarya from Team Vedargal and Umapathy and Ram Charan from Team Kadargal face the weightlifting challenge to become the next tribe leader. Parvathy and Gayathri criticise their team.
    • 18. Arjun Talks about His Struggle

      29 Sep '21
      Arjun talks about his struggles with the team. He informs them about a challenge of stacking logs. When one team gets the reward on winning the challenge, Nandha visits Team Kadargal.
    • 19. Ram Charan's Action Irks Vijayalakshmi

      30 Sep '21
      Nandha sings a song for Team Kadargal. While Ram Charan’s action annoys Vijayalakshmi, Vikranth and Umapathy argue with Ram for ridiculing them. Team Vedargal discuss about a weak contestant.
    • 20. Parvathy and Gayathri Look For the Treasure

      01 Oct '21
      Parvathy and Gayathri look for the hidden treasure. Kadargals and Vedargals talk about the contestants who would like to stay back and the ones who plan to back off. Inigo and Vanessa meet the team.
    • 21. Kadargals and Vedargals Face a Challenge

      02 Oct '21
      Vanessa and Inigo face the challenge of standing on the nail. Vanessa is selected for the Kadargal team and Inigo is selected for the Vedargal team. Kadargals compete to reach their goal.
    • 22. A Row Between Umapathy and Ram Charan

      03 Oct '21
      Arjun questions Umapathy during the tribal panchayat. While Arjun interrogates about the disagreement between Ram Charan and Umapathy, Team Kadargal casts a vote to eliminate a contestant.
    • 23. Ram Charan Arrives at the New Island

      04 Oct '21
      Ram Charan’s action on the new island irks Parvathy and Gayathri. As Parvathy and Ram Charan take up the task to align the wooden blocks, one contestant wins the challenge.
    • 24. Lakshmi Priyaa Argues with Aishwarya

      05 Oct '21
      Lakshmi Priyaa argues with Aishwarya. Furthermore, Aishwarya, Narayan Lucky, Saran and Vikranth take a tic-tac-toe challenge. The teams divulge the truth about their unfulfilled wishes.
    • 25. The Teams Face a Tough Challenge

      06 Oct '21
      When the teams celebrate Vanessa’s birthday, she misses her family and shares her grief with Arjun. Later, the teams face the daunting challenge of climbing a pyramid and hitting the target.