Summer Love : Season 1

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      Air date: 04 Jun '19 6 episodes
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    1. Opposites Attract

    • Nida and Sami are poles apart. Their worlds collide at an internship, where they initially rub each other the wrong way, but soon find themselves warming up to the other person..Director : Mohammad Murtaza Alizai

    2. Hot and Cold

    • Nida’s upset because of something at work. Sami tries to figure out what it is and cheer her up. #summerlove #teeli #cornettocupidity

    3. Teeli

    • Sami and Nida find themselves alone at work because they’ve been asked to stay late to complete a last minute assignment. How ever will they kill time?.#summerlove #teeli #cornettocupidity

    4. Teeli

    • Nida is trying to interpret Sami's subtle cues and signs which makes her wonder if he really likes her or not..#teeli #summerlove #cornettocupidity

    5. Teeli

    • Sami clueless as to why Nida is avoiding him and getting increasingly mean. Is this the end of their friendship?.#teeli #summerlove #cornettocupidity

    6. Teeli

    • Will Sami be able to mend fences with Nida before the internship ends?.#teeli #summerlove #cornettocupidity