STAGS : Season 1

    • Air date: 12 Apr '18 5 episodes
  • List of Episodes (5)

    1. On The House

    • Vicky, Harpal, and Gagan go out to party but as you all know, STAGS are not allowed. Will they still have a fun Friday night? .Watch the episode to find out.

    2. Panga Ho Gaya Bro

    • Harpal gets into a fight over car parking but Gagan and Vicky refuse to be a part of it. What will happen next? Will Harpal convince them to fight? Watch the episode to find out..

    3. The Landlord

    • Gagan has a fight with Vicky & Harpal over the mess in the house. .On top of that, the landlord is coming to visit.

    4. The Gamble

    • Vicky, Harpal and Gagan have to arrange Rs 5 lakhs in one day. Over that Gagan's father is visiting. Watch STAGS episode 4 to find out what happens next. .

    5. Toh Rishta Pakka

    • STAGS don't want to stay STAGS forever atleast not Harpal..Watch the video to find out if our Sakht Launde stay the same or find a partner?