• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 17 Mar '20 8 episodes
      The action-packed story of the 19 year hunt for India's biggest enemy.
      Special Ops season 1 has 8 episodes. It is an action, drama web-series starring Karan Tacker, Divya Dutta, Kali Prasad Mukherjee and Pawan Chopra. It is created by Neeraj Pandey. Season 1 for Special Ops aired on 17 Mar '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • When a set of R&AW officials are asked to create an audit report of Himmat Singh’s "miscellaneous" expenses, a nineteen-year-old theory finally sees a glimmer of light.
    • 2. Guide

      17 Mar '20
      The 26/11 terror attack moves the nation and one link leads to the next, guiding Himmat and team closer to their target.
    • Shipping business tycoon, Hafiz Ali shows the aftermath of a betrayal. The nineteen-year-old saga begins to set the stage for a mammoth reveal.
    • 6. Qurbani

      17 Mar '20
      Farooq's just a few feet away from the mastermind behind 2001 Parliament attack and yet again it’s a touch and go situation for Himmat. Time for a setback. Time for a sacrifice.
    • 8. Sholay

      17 Mar '20
      Showdown! The country is under an imminent attack and time is running out. Finally, Himmat comes face to face with his nemesis.