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      Air date: 08 Sep '17 13 episodes
      Social is a Bilingual Digital Show starring Rana Daggubati, Priya Banerjee, Aradhana Uppal, Moin Khan and Preeti Asrani in key roles. Set in Hyderabad, the story is about four diverse individuals who come together to solve the mystery of a missing girl. The show hopes to make people aware of the reality of cyber crimes and how the internet can also become a saviour.
      Social (Telugu) season 1 has 13 episodes. It is a telugu crime, thriller web-series starring Naveen Kasturia and Rana Daggubati. Season 1 for Social (Telugu) aired on 08 Sep '17 and available to watch online on streaming platform Viu and Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • Prithvi (Naveen Kasturia) is about to return to the US but finds that his sister has gone missing. Is she a victim of a prank or something sinister online? Vikram Sampat's (Rana Daggubati) social media company comes to Prithvi's rescue
    • Neelesh tries to convince Prithvi to seek the help of social media to find Veda. How will the gang react to a cam girl wanting to help them find Prithvi's sister? Vikram Sampat's (Rana Daggubati) social media company comes to Prithvi's rescue.
    • Time is running out for Prithvi (Naveen Kasturia) and the gang. Veda is missing, they have barely cracked any leads to her whereabouts.Does the deep web hold any secrets? Are they safe to venture into it?
    • Prithvi (Naveen Kasturia) and gang get a call from an unknown number. Could it be from Veda? They make a breakthrough with the phone they fished out of Kamal. Will they find Veda soon enough?
    • Prithvi (Naveen Kasturia) and Myra follow leads to what they believe can be Veda. Tenderness begins to develop between the two. What do they find when they reach the hideout?
    • 6. #Aata_Veta

      13 Oct '17
      Neelesh and Prithvi (Naveen Kasturia) argue over Myra. Myra gets a valuable lead. Prithvi gets deeper into the plot with deep web and reaches a suspicious company "Hansa". Myra takes a risk and enters the dangerous, secret world of exotic partying. While Prithvi successfully rattles the cage , Myra gets caught and faces death.
    • The stage is set for the secret auction party where the girls will be sold off. The young girls are polished and groomed to service the elite clients. Nidhi sneaks in to the place and Myra cons her way in. KK bullies Jithu and takes Veda into his room. Prithvi and gang get a message with a map from Myra and they rush to trace the location. The secret party is in full swing but Myra, Nidhi and Veda separately get into tight spots.
    • Prithvi develops a soft corner for Myra. Ctrl F Veda page is going viral and someone wants to kill it. The journalist Nidhi gets access to some crucial CCTV footage and contacts Neelesh about Veda. Could this be the breakthrough they have been waiting for?
    • Prithvi and the gang meet Nidhi and exchange info about Nidhi having seen Veda. The gang feels hopeful. Nidhi tells Prithvi she saw Veda at the HANSA party. Prithvi and Neelesh commit a blunder by meeting Yash at SOCIAL..is YASH to be a trusted? Have they told him too much? Prithvi is shocked to see Ctrl F Veda page disabled.
    • Nidhi tries to trace the missing editor. Ctrl F Veda page is missing and Neelesh is worried. The commissioner gets deeper into the investigation of missing girls’ case. Nidhi is under suspicion by Prithvi and gang. GK is under pressure and contacts Sunny. The commissioner finds a cctv footage with Prithvi in it.
    • 11. #ftp

      17 Nov '17
      The commisioner has got some breakthrough in the invesigation and he decides its time to bring Prithvi in. Prithvi is shown some information and he confesses his activities to the commisioner. Myra identifies Jithu to the commisoner and he requests Prithvi to trap Jithu. With Chaand’s help Nidhi decodes the recorder and realises Ramaswami’s life is in danger. GK is in a dilemma between his duty and his family. Nidhi breaks the tragic news to Prithvi, that Veda is dead.
    • 12. #VforVeda

      24 Nov '17
      Sonakshi is hiding something from Sunny and she gets into trouble when Sunny finds out about it. Prithvi gets a shocking message and Nidhi receives traumatizing news. GK overcomes his dilemma and takes a hard decision. Prithvi and gang go to the right place at the wrong time and their lives are in danger. GK’s press conference reveals a tragic news and community of Ctrl F Veda page arrange a candle light vigil.
    • Veda is alive. Prithvi is overwhelmed with grief when he receives the tragic news about Neelesh. VS confronts Yash and also fights off a boardroom coup planned by SS. GK goes all out and exposes the rotten world of business men and politicians. Nidhi’s investigative work creates a sensation. VS announces his campaign winners and promises to mentor them. Chaand pays a loving tribute to Neelesh. VS received a prestigious award as YOUNG ACHIEVER OF THE YEAR.