Singapore Social : Season 1

    • Air date: 22 Nov '19 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. Generation Asian

    • Entrepreneur Nicole commiserates with filmmaker Vinny and influencer Mae about family pressure. Vinny's ex Cristina reveals her lingering feelings.

    2. No Risk, No Reward

    • Vinny wants to collaborate with Tabitha on her upcoming music video. Paul tells Sukki that he intends to move in with his girlfriend, Joey.

    3. To Happiness, Health and Good Fortune

    • Mae and Nicole visit a fortune-teller. Sukki's highly anticipated dinner date with Tim gets off to an awkward start.

    4. Failure to Launch

    • Tabitha shops for her music video shoot with ex-boyfriend Adam. Mae faces growing pressure from her parents to return to school.

    5. The Ex Factor

    • Nicole invites Alson to poker, and he brings his parents. Tabitha asks boyfriend Louie to move in with her. Cristina critiques Sukki's performance.

    6. Mother, May I?

    • During her event, Nicole buckles under pressure in her mom's presence. Paul catches up with school buddies but feels like he's lagging behind.

    7. Moment of Truth

    • Paul asks Mae to help spread awareness about his plastic-cleanup initiative. Vinny and Cristina confront Sukki ahead of her big show.

    8. C'est La Vie

    • Alson counsels Nicole about her relationship with her mom. A surprise guest shows up at Sukki's performance. Vinny tells Mae that he will miss her.