• Air date: 22 Nov '19 8 episodes
      Peer into the lives of young Singaporeans as they defy expectations and traverse the tricky terrain of career, romance and family.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Generation Asian

      22 Nov '19
      Entrepreneur Nicole commiserates with filmmaker Vinny and influencer Mae about family pressure. Vinny's ex Cristina reveals her lingering feelings.
    • 2. No Risk, No Reward

      22 Nov '19
      Vinny wants to collaborate with Tabitha on her upcoming music video. Paul tells Sukki that he intends to move in with his girlfriend, Joey.
    • 3. To Happiness, Health and Good Fortune

      22 Nov '19
      Mae and Nicole visit a fortune-teller. Sukki's highly anticipated dinner date with Tim gets off to an awkward start.
    • 4. Failure to Launch

      22 Nov '19
      Tabitha shops for her music video shoot with ex-boyfriend Adam. Mae faces growing pressure from her parents to return to school.
    • 5. The Ex Factor

      22 Nov '19
      Nicole invites Alson to poker, and he brings his parents. Tabitha asks boyfriend Louie to move in with her. Cristina critiques Sukki's performance.
    • 6. Mother, May I?

      22 Nov '19
      During her event, Nicole buckles under pressure in her mom's presence. Paul catches up with school buddies but feels like he's lagging behind.
    • 7. Moment of Truth

      22 Nov '19
      Paul asks Mae to help spread awareness about his plastic-cleanup initiative. Vinny and Cristina confront Sukki ahead of her big show.
    • 8. C'est La Vie

      22 Nov '19
      Alson counsels Nicole about her relationship with her mom. A surprise guest shows up at Sukki's performance. Vinny tells Mae that he will miss her.