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Zakhmi Dil 1994

Zakhmi Dil Director : Raju Subramaniam

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Zakhmi Dil Plot

Jaidev Anand is a celebrity, and lives a fairly isolated life. One day he comes to the rescue of a young woman, Vandana Acharya, and falls in love with her. Vandana respects him, but falls in love with another man, Abhimanyu. This news shatters Jaidev, but he decides not to tell Vandana anything. Then the jeep in which Abhimanyu and Vandana were traveling is attacked by an assailant named D.K., and as a result Abhimanyu gets killed. Jaidev is sorry for Vandana, but gets his hopes up enough to propose to her, and to his joy, she accepts. The plans are on for an early marriage, but before that could happen Vandana meets a single mother, Gayetri, and her son. It is then she finds out that Jaidev is already married, and also has a son. What possible reason could Jaidev have for not sharing this information with Vandana?

Zakhmi Dil Cast

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