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Night, Birds Scream 2022

a.k.a 夜、鳥たちが啼く

Night, Birds Scream Director : Hideo Jôjô

Night, Birds Scream Plot

Shinichi debuted as a novelist at a young age, but his career has been stagnant for many years. He also has broken up with his girlfriend. His day have now become gloomy. At this time, Yuko and her son moves into Shinichi's home. Yuko is the ex-wife of Shinichi's friend. Shinichi lets them stay at his house. Shinichi writes his novel every night, while Yuko goes out at night to date men. She is conflicted with her feelings to act as a strong parent and to deal with her unspeakable loneliness. Yuko's son, feeling the loss of his father's presence, begins to admire Shinichi. With their living arrangement, Shinichi and Yuko try keep their distance from each other. But one night.. Adapted from the short story "Yoru, Toritachi ga Naku"

Night, Birds Scream Cast

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