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What's Sweepin'? 1953

What's Sweepin'? Director : Don Patterson

What's Sweepin'? Plot

Woody is a city street sweeper and hates his job. After being abused by policeman Wally Walrus, he decides to quit and disguises himself as a policeman, kicking the rubbish can away which scoops up Wally sending him into the harbour shrinking his uniform. The angry Wally chases the disguised Woody into the circus. Because he is mistaken for a child, he is denied access but enters backstage disguised as an elephant. Finally, after a long struggle with Woody under the big top, he captures the redhead and returns him to his job as street sweeper.

What's Sweepin'? Cast

  • as Wally Walrus / Bull Dozer / Store Owner / Circus Owner / Strongman (voice) (uncredited)
  • as Woody Woodpecker (voice) (uncredited)
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